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Poignant movies about human trafficking in Indian cinema

From Love Sonia to Bazaar these films about human trafficking deserve a place on your watchlist.

Poignant movies about human trafficking in Indian cinema
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.55 PM, Mar 25, 2022


There seems to be a global misconception that Indian cinema is all about masala movies and raunchy item numbers. This fact is far from reality. Indeed, the Hindi film industry routinely produces exceptional films that shed light on many prevalent social issues like human trafficking and prostitution. Films like B.A. Pass, Chameli, and Love Sonia are fine examples of such films. The recent release Gangubai Kathiawadi, also highlighted the plight of a young woman trafficked and forced into prostitution. If you’re looking for hard-hitting films centered around the brutal realities of the flesh trade business in India, this article is for you.

Bazaar (Amazon Prime Video, MUBI, ShemarooMe, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, YouTube)


Bazaar is a Hindi language drama film that revolves around the tragic lives of young girls who are sold to affluent Indians in the Gulf by their needy parents. It beautifully depicts the hardships they face at such a tender age, that too, at the hands of their own family.

Lakshmi (YouTube)

Based on true events, Lakshmi is a Hindi language biographical social problem film. It follows Lakshmi (Monali Thakur), a 13-year-old girl who is kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Despite being repeatedly assaulted and treated inhumanely, she somehow manages to survive with the help of other girls like her. She also shows immense courage against all odds. Although this movie involves gruesome scenes and events that highlight the harsh reality of human trafficking, it ultimately is a story of true heroism and untold courage.

Mardaani (Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, YouTube)

Mardaani is a fictional Hindi language action thriller that revolves around Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji), Senior Inspector of Mumbai Police. She sets out on a mission to catch hold of the mastermind child trafficking mafia, who has kidnapped and smuggled a teenage girl close to her. A cat and mouse chase ensues between Shivani and the mafia kingpin, leading to her unveiling some sinister truths.

Love Sonia (DisneyPlus Hotstar)

Love Sonia is a Hindi language drama film that exposes the horrors of human trafficking. It follows the moving tale of Sonia (Mrunal Thakur), whose debt-ridden father sells her sister for a paltry sum of money. This urges Sonia to set out on a journey to rescue her sister. But her life takes an unfortunate turn when she finds herself trapped in the monstrous world of flesh trade.

Pakhi (Zee5, Vi Movies & TV)

Pakhi is yet another Hindi language crime drama based on actual events. It chronicles the story of Pakhi (Anamika Shukla), a 10-year-old who finds herself in the den of prostitution. She is not only pulled into the miseries of child trafficking but is also forced to work as a prostitute. What follows is her journey of coming out of the cruel tethers of modern slavery.

These movies hold significance because they bring to light the prominent issue of human trafficking. So, give them their due credit by watching them.