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Prabhas starrer Adipurush world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival unexpectedly cancelled. Details inside

The world premiere of Adipurush at the Tribeca Film Festival has unexpectedly been cancelled.

Prabhas starrer Adipurush world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival unexpectedly cancelled. Details inside
Adipurush: Prabhas announces trailer release date with a new poster (Source: Prabhas' Instagram)

Last Updated: 10.10 AM, May 17, 2023


The highly publicised world premiere of Adipurush, featuring Telugu superstar Prabhas, has been unexpectedly canceled at the Tribeca Film Festival. Originally scheduled to take place on June 13 in New York City, the film's screening at the festival will now coincide with its USA premieres.

The decision to cancel the world premiere was made without an official explanation from the filmmakers, leaving room for speculation and raising concerns about the film's reception. Some critics have speculated that the makers may be apprehensive about potential negative reviews that could impact its box office prospects.

Despite this setback, Adipurush is still poised to be a major success at the box office. With its star-studded cast, substantial budget, and adaptation of a popular story, it is expected to captivate audiences worldwide.

Adipurush is a highly anticipated cinematic adaptation of the revered Indian epic Ramayana and is written and directed by Om Raut. Initially set for release in January during the festive season of Sankranti, the film faced disappointment from fans due to a teaser filled with subpar visual effects . The ensuing backlash quickly evolved into a significant public relations crisis, forcing the filmmakers to take urgent measures to mitigate the damage.

The divisive response to the teaser prompted a delay in the film's release, as the filmmakers committed themselves to improving the overall quality of the production. After months of diligent work, a recent trailer was released, which thankfully received a more favourable reception. The trailer showcased a notable transformation in the film's colour palette, opting for muted tones instead of vibrant hues. Additionally, an increased incorporation of CGI shots aimed to infuse the film with greater dynamism. However, despite these improvements, scepticism remains among some, who question whether these cosmetic changes serve as a mere façade to mask underlying flaws in the movie.

Besides Prabhas, Adipurush stars Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. And it's due in cinemas on June 16. 

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