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Prime Video 2024 – Dive into Jennifer Lopez’s life, Anne Hathaway's daring age-gap romance, The Boys Season 4, and more

Get ready for a Prime-time 2024! With nine movies and five shows, Prime Video has got something special for everyone

Prime Video 2024 – Dive into Jennifer Lopez’s life, Anne Hathaway's daring age-gap romance, The Boys Season 4, and more

The Idea of You, This Is Me...Now, Road House, The Boys Season 4

Last Updated: 12.27 AM, Dec 23, 2023


After leaving fans breathless with Season 3, Prime Video has unleashed the explosive trailer for The Boys Season 4. While not the final curtain call, this new chapter has been eagerly awaited after the jaw-dropping conclusion in 2022.

The one-minute-fifty-seconds teaser trailer is packed with hints about what you can expect, and the supes' lives are about to get even crazier. Homelander is front and centre, with tensions between his devoted fans and the Starlight-backed resistance reaching a critical point. The trailer also gives a political surprise – Robert Singer and Victoria Neuman are now in office.

After The Boys Season 4 trailer, Prime Video dropped a bombshell on December 21, unveiling a sneak peek at every single release coming your way in 2024. Prepare for Jennifer Lopez’s captivating documentary on her life, Anne Hathaway’s bold age-gap romance with Nicholas Galitzine, Jake Gyllenhaal's action-packed reboot, and Donald Glover's reimagining of a classic, with plenty more surprises in store.

In the first-look video, we get a hint of nine movies, and five TV shows, which includes:

Upgrade: This R-rated rom-com stars Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux.

Música: Once again another rom-com of Camila Mendes with Rudy Mancuso, who has also directed the film.

The Idea of You: This film will be showing Anne Hathaway's spellbinding romance with Nicholas Galitzine, where she plays a single mother.

Role Play: To fill you with a rollercoaster of emotions, this thriller will show you some breathtaking actions, led by Big Bang Theory-famed Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo.

This is Me…Now: This documentary will give you a sneak-peek into your favourite pop-star Jennifer Lopez aka JLo’s life. JLo will be dropping an album with the same name on February 16, 2024.

Foe: This dystopian drama will feature Normal People-famed Paul Mescal Saoirse Ronan, which is an adaptation of Iain Reid's novel of the same name.

Ricky Stanicky: This comedy brings together John Cena, Zac Efron and Jermaine Fowler, where they create a fake person named Ricky Stanicky to blame him for the disaster they created.

Road House: This action-thriller is apparently the remake of the 1989 namesake movie, which starred Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot. Jack Gyllenhaal's rugged physique took the internet by storm.

The Underdoggs: This sports-comedy drama stars rapper Snoop Dogg, where he agrees to coach a young football team to avoid serving in prison.

Prime Video's first look TV shows cater to a variety of tastes. Fallout brings the thrills of post-apocalyptic survival, Mr. And Mrs. Smith promises laughs and explosions, Expats delves into the complexities of living abroad, Reina Roja offers heart-pounding suspense, and Hazbin Hotel takes viewers on a darkly comedic journey through the underworld.

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