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Princess Diana’s death sequence in The Crown Season 6 criticised; called 'insensitive and unnecessary'

Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, is the highlight of The Crown Season 6, streaming on Netflix

Princess Diana’s death sequence in The Crown Season 6 criticised; called 'insensitive and unnecessary'
The Crown Season 6 Still

Last Updated: 03.00 PM, Nov 27, 2023


While Season 5 of Netflix’s one of the most pivotal show, The Crown did end with mixed reviews, that didn’t affect the buzz that Season 6 was walking on because it was dealing with a timeframe that included Princess Diana’s death. Season 6 released the first four episodes, which show us the controversial death of Princess Diana . However, now the sequence is garnering some very harsh criticism from someone who has worked with Queen Elizabeth II during that phase.

About The Crown Season 6

The Crown Season 6 scales the journey of the British monarch from 1997 to the point where Prince William met Kate Middleton. The final season of the show is divided into two volumes, both including four episodes each. It turns out the sequence that portrayed Princess Diana’s death has not gone down well with Dickie Arbiter. She has some very harsh things to say about Peter Morgan’s telling of the story featuring Elizabeth Debicki as Diana.

Dickie, who was closely working with Queen Elizabeth II during the time period shown in The Crown Season 6, as per ComicBook said, "The sequence of Charles telling his sons of their mother's death was so insensitive; it was so unnecessary. The death of their mother is still raw with both of them. The scenes between Charles and his mother, in which he blurted out that she wanted Diana to come back in a Harrods van, were absolute nonsense.”

She added, “It just didn't happen like that. Of course, an aircraft was going to be made available [to bring her body home from France]. The Queen was the first one to agree to that."

Princess Diana Funeral Scene Criticism

Dickie Arbiter also has a problem with the scenes that revolve around Princess Diana’s funeral. The show shows that it was The Queen who decided it would be a public funeral, while it was Diana’s brother who did, as per Arbiter.

"I was in charge of media arrangements for that week," Arbiter said. "[Charles] Spencer thought that because Diana was a public figure, because she was very popular and people adored her, that it should be something handled by the royal family to make it a public event rather than a private family event."


The first four episodes of The Crown Season 6 are streaming on Netflix right now. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more.

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