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Priyadarshan on why Hera Pheri is a closed chapter for him - 'I cannot engage in familiar territory'

Priyadarshan's iconic film Hera Pheri starred Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal in the lead roles. 

Priyadarshan on why Hera Pheri is a closed chapter for him - 'I cannot engage in familiar territory'
Hera Pheri-Priyadarshan

Last Updated: 10.01 PM, Feb 23, 2024


Priyadarshan is all set to begin shooting for his upcoming spooky thriller with Akshay Kumar in September. The filmmaker says that he wants to push himself and Khiladi Kumar into new creative realms and hence he is bringing uniqueness to his scripts by making changes to it. However, the director stated in a Timesnow interview that "my days with Hera Pheri are behind me."

In a recent interview with Times Of India, Priyadarshan revealed that he will not participate in similar kinds of content in the future and hence Hera Pheri chapter for him is closed. He was quoted as saying, “I cannot engage in familiar territory; it stifles my creativity. That’s why I declined the offer for Hera Pheri 2. My days with Hera Pheri are behind me. For me, that chapter is closed." 

He further talked about how he has worked with Kumar in multiple comedy films and now the duo are all set to embark on a completely new genre. "Akshay and I have explored numerous comedic ventures, both together and individually. Now, I’m eager for us to venture into uncharted territory. Hence, we’re refining the script," he said. 

Shedding some light on his upcoming horror film with Akshay Kumar, Priyadarshan said, "Although the concept is brilliant, I felt there were areas that needed refinement. The simplest way to characterize the movie is as a supernatural thriller that has viewers wondering whether or not there is a ghostly presence right up until the very end. For both Akshay and me, it's unfamiliar territory."

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Priyadarshan is a celebrated Indian filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter and he has given audiences several comedy films. However, Hera Pheri is one of the most iconic films of his career which starred Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, and Suniel Shetty in the lead roles. The film is called the cult classic and is still loved by the audiences. Released in the year 2000, the film is an adaptation of a 1989 Malayalam film titled Ramji Rao Speaking. It is also to be noted that Ramji Rao Speaking was also influenced by the 1971 television movie ‘See The Man Run.’

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