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Priyamani reveals why she took up Article 370, amid allegations of 'propaganda' film - ‘Not many people are aware of...’

The Article 370 actor Priyamani recently talked about why she took up the project and working alongside Yami Gautam. 

Priyamani reveals why she took up Article 370, amid allegations of 'propaganda' film - ‘Not many people are aware of...’
Article 370

Last Updated: 01.56 PM, Feb 27, 2024


The fan base of actress Priyamani is not just limited to South India. She has been in the news constantly, whether it is for her role in The Family Fan or her co-starring role in Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan. She recently acted in Article 370 with Yami Gautam, and she has received positive feedback for her performance. Priyamani discussed her motivation for doing Article 370, and her collaboration with Yami Gautam in an interview with News18 Showsha. Read on...  

On those calling Article 370 a 'propaganda'  

A movie with nationalistic sentiments such as Article 370 is bound to generate different reactions from people. No wonder, some have labelled the Yami Gautam-Priyamani-starrer a 'propaganda'. Priyamani responded to those who were branding Article 370 as "propaganda," saying, " Some people are going to say, ‘Oh, this is raising awareness. People need to know these stories’" and there would always be others who would term it as "absolutely propaganda".   


Explaining further, she said that the reason why she took up the film was to raise awareness among the public about a historical event that not many people are aware of as it was a secret mission. “I’m sure people knew about it but they didn’t know what people went through, what steps were taken to see to it that this mission was a success. Generally, when you know you take on such missions, there are chances of casualties but I’m very proud that this was one such mission where not a single life was lost, and it was carried out successfully," she explained.  

Priyamani didn't know about the mission  

Calling herself ignorant, Priyamani pointed out that she did not know much about the mission earlier herself. "It was very insensitive of me. I was not privy to such things earlier," she confessed, while adding that she couldn't fathom the gravity of the Article 370 abrogation.  

The film's dramatic quotient  

Films based on national security, bilateral relations, cross-border conflict, etc all usually resort to dramatisation for a better mass appeal on celluloid. However, appreciating the filmmaker and production team for sticking to facts, Priyamani quipped, "The film didn’t take any cinematic liberty, which is a very common usage in cinema. Whatever has been shown is based on real incidents." Even though some individuals might not agree with it, Priyamani stressed that their mission was to raise awareness among the public at large.  

On working with Yami Gautam  

It was also Priyamani's first time working with Yami Gautam who's mostly known for her girl-next-door image. Talking about pairing with Yami, Priyamani divulged, "Yami is one of the finest actresses we have today. I had such a great time working with her!" She also showered praises on her Article 370 lead actress for carrying a sensitive yet tough role with poise and panache, and doing action scenes on screen.  

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