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Priyamani - 'South girls didn’t give in to meeting beauty standards; I’ve never...'

Priyamani, who stars in Ajay Devgn's Maidaan, opened up about actresses trying to meet certain beauty standards. She said that earlier, South Indian actresses didn't give into such standards.

Priyamani - 'South girls didn’t give in to meeting beauty standards; I’ve never...'
Priyamani. (Courtesy: Instagram/ Priyamani)

Last Updated: 12.24 PM, Apr 16, 2024


Priyamani has been vocal about being subjected to body shaming and skin colourism in the early phase of her career. The actress started her acting journey in 2002. In a recent interview with a publication, Priyamani recalled that earlier South Indian actresses wouldn't give in to meeting certain beauty standards. The actress further revealed that she has never been told to get botox or fillers done. However, she added that she has no issues if others wish to opt for surgeries.

Priyamani on beauty standards, botox and more

Speaking with News18, Priyamani said that she doesn't want to call out anyone who goes under the knife to meet beauty standards. Instead, the actress is fine with the fact that certain actors go to skin doctors to look better. 

"If someone wants to make it big in the industry and wants to look flawless, they should do it. But I began my career in 2002. Back then, the South girls didn’t give in to meeting beauty standards. I’ve never been told by anyone to get botox or fillers done," she said.

Priyamani added that even if someone tried to have that conversation, she would shut them down or probably walk out of the film. This is because the actress doesn't believe in those things.

Priyamani on actors being conscious of their diets

Speaking about how actresses today are fit and mindful of what they eat and how they look, Priyamani said that this wasn't common earlier. "They ate whatever they wanted to. The audience, in fact, liked actors who were healthier because who they saw onscreen was relatable," she added. On a concluding note, Priyamani stated that conversations about size zero and being conscious of skin have gained momentum in the recent past.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Priyamani was recently seen in Amit Sharma's Maidaan. She shared screen space with Ajay Devgn in the movie. 

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