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Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary might be most voted but Sumbul Touqeer Khan is Bigg Boss 16 Queen of the week once again

Sumbul was BB 16 queen of the week last week too.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary might be most voted but Sumbul Touqeer Khan is Bigg Boss 16 Queen of the week once again
Bigg Boss 16 - Sumbul Touqeer Khan.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.51 PM, Nov 07, 2022

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Salman Khan had recently revealed that Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is the most voted contestant on Bigg Boss 16. However, Sumbul Touqeer Khan takes the title of BB 16 Queen of the week once again. Sumbul had become the queen even last week, when she was rivalling Abdu.

On Shanivaar Ka Vaar, Salman had revealed that Priyanka is the most voted in the house. However, she is neither the top Bigg Boss 16 contestant nor the Bigg Boss 16 queen of the week yet.

Abdu Rozik is the most loved Bigg Boss 16 contestant. He is in close competition with MC Stan and then, Priyanka comes into the picture – among top three.

Meanwhile, Sumbul has been taking the BB 16 queen of the week title for two weeks now. This happened despite Salman Khan and Shekhar Suman once again calling out Sumbul over their respective Weekend Ka Vaar (Shanivaar Ka Vaar and Sunday special Bigg Bulletin).

Currently, Sumbul is making headlines because of her rift with Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot. She picked the fight after realizing that Tina was behaving dominating with her.

Sumbul did not give Tina her ration. Hearing her justification, Shalin, like a strict father, scolded Sumbul for how she behaved with a sick Tina and especially when it came to food. He gave it back to Sumbul for not giving Tina her ration in the house.

This happened after Tina was upset with Sumbul. Shalin walked out and brought Sumbul back for a face-to-face confrontation with Tina. Sumbul has refused to talk to Shalin after his scolding. Meanwhile, Tina has been trying to sort things out between the two.

After her warnings, Sumbul started appearing just a little more with the housemates. She was seen playing with Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan and helping out in the kitchen in the previous week.

Do you think Sumbul can retain her BB 16 Queen of the week title for another week or someone will replace her? Do let us know.

Bigg Boss 16 airs on TV and streams on Voot simultaneously. The show is available for streaming at 9.30 pm on weekends and 10 pm on weekdays.