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Producer DVV Danayya skips major global events of RRR, doubts arise over his absence

Questions arise over RRR producer DVV Danayya skipping all global events of the film

Producer DVV Danayya skips major global events of RRR, doubts arise over his absence
  • Avad Mohammad

Last Updated: 06.11 AM, Jan 17, 2023


RRR has taken Hollywood by storm. The way it is winning several awards at some of the prestigious awards shows itself is proof of how big Rajamouli's period drama has become on the world stage. The film won the best original song at the Golden Globe Awards and Rajamouli won the best director at the Critics Choice Awards in LA the other night.

The entire team along with Rajamouli's family is attending these award shows but the man who produced the movie, DVV Danayya is nowhere to be seen. This has become a hot topic of discussion in the Telugu film circles and the media is highlighting this aspect big time. DVV Danayya was the sole producer of the film and was seen only during the promotions when the film was released in India.


The general feeling is that as his film is dominating the world stage, he should have been physically present at these events. Why is he not present? Does he have any issue with Rajamouli? all these questions are being posed at the moment. A section of the Telugu media says that Danayya is done with RRR and is in no mood to spend any more money on the film.


Not many know that the US promotions and lobbying for awards need special campaigning and it costs a lot of money which Danayya is not interested to spend now. Sometime back, there was also news that Rajamouli is spending everything from his own pocket and his Baahubali producer and friend Shobu Yarlagadda is helping him out in Hollywood.

Back in India too, Danayya is nowhere seen and did not give any video byte when his film won the Golden Globe Award. There are several other award ceremonies in the days to come and the film is also in the Oscar race too. Will Danayya at least come out and join the team or will keep his distance and be happy with whatever money his film made during the release time? Only time will tell.