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Quickstyle, popular Norwegian dance group, comes to India for the first time

The Norwegian dance band Quickstyle announced an Instagram Reels dance challenge for Indian creators with the song Dilbar.

Quickstyle, popular Norwegian dance group, comes to India for the first time
Quickstyle is known for making dance Reel videos to Bollywood songs

Last Updated: 03.29 PM, Mar 15, 2023


The sweethearts of Bollywood-dance-meets-West, Quickstyle, are now in India!

The group also addressed more than 350 content creators from the born on Instagram program during a visit to Meta’s Mumbai office.

Norwegian dance group Quickstyle, on their maiden India tour, announced a Reels challenge while addressing a group of more than  350 content creators at Meta’s office in Mumbai. The challenge is to create a dance to the song “Dilbar” by @tech_panda, and gives sufficient opportunity for people to do their own version of the challenge.

Quickstyle’s wedding performance to the song “Kala Chashma” trended on Reels last year and grabbed the world’s attention. Since their reel went viral in June 2022, public figures like Demi Lovato, Jimmy Fallon and Shikhar Dhawan have all grooved to it, resulting in  billions of plays. Bilal Malik, one of the founders of the group, said, “We’re thrilled with the love people in India have for Quickstyle. The adulation that started with the trending ‘Kala Chashma’ has continued to date. Through this visit, we want to know you better, connect with the culture here, and inspire others to find their own jam, the way we have with music and dance on reels.”

Quickstyle collaborated with creators and public figures for their reels, which will release over the course of the next two weeks.  The group also engaged with more than 350 content creators, both in-person and virtually, across India who are part of our Born on Instagram creator education and enablement program. Paras Sharma, Director and Head of content and community Partnerships, Facebook India (Meta), said, “ Reels is the way young people in India are connecting, creating and collaborating on the things they love. QuickStyle is a great example of this creative expression as they broke out as a sensation on Instagram and went viral across the world; in the process, taking Indian music global. With our aim to inspire creators, and spur interesting content, we’re glad to work with Quickstyle and facilitate these collaborations.”

As part of Quickstyle's challenge, people must create their own content, based on the “Dilbar”. In the group’s words, “it’s not something super simple, but not too hard either. You can do it anywhere. It’s not about doing it the best way. It’s about doing it your way.”

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