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Raghavendra Stores star Jaggesh reminisces about when Dr Rajkumar guided him back to life

The Navarasa Nayaka says that he’d once attempted to take his life, when he had major setbacks in a transport business he had floated

Raghavendra Stores star Jaggesh reminisces about when Dr Rajkumar guided him back to life
Jaggesh gets candid about his bond with Dr Rajkumar

Last Updated: 07.57 PM, Apr 25, 2023


Kannada actor Jaggesh is not known to be someone who talks a lot about his work or life, and doesn’t give too many interviews. Hardly anyone in the industry even has his personal mobile number. Yet, in the last few days, there’s been a lot of the Navarasa Nayaka everywhere, as he’s been busy promoting his next film, Raghavendra Stores, which is coming to theatres this Friday, April 28. Apart from a few select interactions, Jaggesh has also been doing a slew of videos for the banner, Hombale Films’ official Youtube page.


Yesterday, on the occasion of the late Kannada matinee idol Dr Rajkumar’s birth anniversary, Jaggesh spoke about a time not long ago when he had the good fortune of having “Rajanna” guide him back to life. Opening up about the incident, Jaggesh said that several years ago, he had invested much of his life savings into a transport business, including buses and trucks. The business did not take off as expected and then, to make matters worse, one of the buses met with a tragic accident in which a few people lost their lives. Turns out, there were no insurance policies drawn on the buses and Jaggesh had to pay the compensation from his pocket, which literally drained him financially completely. “I was back where I was at the start of my career,” he said.

This was unbearable for the actor, who went back home and attempted to end his life. He was saved in the nick of time by a bunch of friends and his brother, but remained comatose for over a month, a time during which Dr Rajkumar visited him, placed his hand over his head and prayed. When Jaggesh eventually recovered, Parvathamma Rajkumar called and checked on him and asked him to visit the couple. “When I visited Rajanna, he explained the value of life and that we do not have the right to end what god has given. ‘Only god can decide when a man has lived enough’, he told me and proceeded to tell me about his life story and humble beginnings. He assured me that no matter the hardships, I will have good days again. And true to his word, in less than a year, as if by a miracle, I regained my lost glory,” said Jaggesh.

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