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Rakesh Adiga: I liked Amulya Gowda’s company the most during my stint on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9

Throughout the OTT and TV seasons, Rakesh was mostly with female contestants like Spoorthy Gowda, Sonu Gowda and then, Amulya

Rakesh Adiga: I liked Amulya Gowda’s company the most during my stint on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9
Rakesh Adiga and Amulya Gowda became close buddies while on the show
  • Prathibha Joy, Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.34 PM, Jan 16, 2023


Rapper and actor Rakesh Adiga spent close to 150 days in the Bigg Boss Kannada house over the OTT and TV seasons, only to lose out on the title by a whisker to Roopesh Shetty. Rakesh was considered one of the front-runners to win the popular reality show, and even though he didn’t make it, he says that based on the love he’s been getting from all quarters, he’s feeling like a winner.

Rakesh Adiga with BBK host Kiccha Sudeep
Rakesh Adiga with BBK host Kiccha Sudeep

Talking about the difference between the two seasons of the show during a recent interview, Rakesh said, “For the OTT season, most of the contestants were youngsters and relatively fresh in showbiz. So, it was testing ground for us. When we then came back for Season 9 of the TV show, it was a more mature and competitive crowd. I enjoyed being on season 9, because the fellow contestants would test and provoke me. Season 9 saw a lot more competition than the OTT season. There was a lot to learn from people like Arun Sagar or Vinod Gobergala, among others, which was helpful for me, as a person.”

Considering that Rakesh’s gangs during both seasons were predominantly females, the obvious question was whose company he enjoyed the most. Without hesitation, he quipped, “Amulya Gowda.” He added that towards the end of the show, he and Amulya were together almost all of the time. “We used to talk to each other a lot. She was one person who perfectly understood my wave length and thought process. Also, we had a similar idea about the show – that we should not look at it as competition – unlike the others. As far as we were concerned, this is something that we have come to experience for as long as possible. Since we had the same goal, our thoughts matched a lot,” said Rakesh, adding that even when he had deeper, more philosophical thoughts, she could connect to them.

Most importantly, though, Rakesh said that Bigg Boss is a show where you need someone who will tell you your mistakes to your face. Amulya was that friend for him.