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Rakshit Shetty recommended THIS actor for Bachelor Party and here’s why

Bachelor Party, produced by Rakshit Shetty, is the directorial debut of Abhijit Mahesh, who has served as writer on the former’s The Seven Odds team at Paramvah Studios

Rakshit Shetty recommended THIS actor for Bachelor Party and here’s why
Rakshit Shetty

Last Updated: 05.27 PM, Jan 18, 2024


Rakshit Shetty has a team of writers attached to his production house Paramvah Studios, whose judgement about cinema he trusts immensely. Called The Seven Odds, this team has worked on most of his production ventures in various capacities, but they are all aspiring filmmakers too, whose debut features are being backed by Rakshit. From Kiranraj K, who made 777 Charlie, to Abhijit Mahesh with Bachelor Party, Shishir Rajmohan for Abracadabra, Sumanth Bhat for Mithya, Chandrajith Belliappa for Ibbani Tabida Ileyalli, and more, Rakshit is giving each of them a platform to tell their stories.

First up this year is Abhijit with Bachelor Party, a film that was announced in 2021 with Diganth, Rishab Shetty and Achyuth Kumar in the lead, which had to then have a change of cast following the mega success of Kantara. Rishab, who, at the time was committed to Bachelor Party and Bell Bottom 2, among others, excused himself from these acting gigs, as he wanted to focus on telling the next instalment in the Kantara franchise.


When the team was then looking for a replacement, Rakshit suggested an actor, although they didn’t know each other well. Rakshit wanted Loose Mada Yogi to take on the part meant for Rishab, based solely on the latter’s work in Hudugaru. Yogi’s role as Siddesh in Hudugaru stayed with Rakshit, who then got him onboard for Bachelor Party. Rakshit made it a point to tell Yogi as much, even though, at the recent trailer launch he kept referring to him as Mada, until someone corrected him.

Bachelor Party, as the title suggests, is about all that goes wrong when the Diganth, Yogi and Achyuth Kumar, head to Bangkok to attend a pal’s bachelor party. Although the trailer seemed reminiscent of the Hollywood film The Hangover, the team reassures that there is no similarity but for the setting – a bachelor party. Abhijit’s film is said to be a laugh riot and one that will appeal not only to those enjoying their single status, but married people as well. Bachelor Party will be in theatres on January 26.

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