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Rakul Preet Singh on South Indian films vs Bollywood: We are creating a debate where there is none

Rakul Preet Singh also said that if a movie is good, people will watch it in theatres or on OTT.

Rakul Preet Singh on South Indian films vs Bollywood: We are creating a debate where there is none
Rakul Preet Singh/Instagram

Last Updated: 02.25 PM, Feb 27, 2023


Five of Rakul Preet Singh's films were released in 2022, and one was released at the start of 2023. Clearly, she is working hard to advance her profession. The actor, who is happy with where her career is at the moment, is confident that her work will speak for her. In 2022, right after the pandemic, Rakul had five movies come out: Attack, Runway 34, Cuttputlli, Doctor G, and Thank God.

During an interaction with ETimes, when Rakul was asked what she believes is going her way, the actor stated that she seldom dwells on what she has done well since she is constantly in the here and now. Her movie becomes history the instant it is released. Rakul's focus is constantly on what she needs to accomplish next, how to complete better tasks, and how to advance as an actor. The actor is happy with how things have turned out thus far. She is also appreciative of all the filmmakers who believed in her and gave her the opportunity to work on a variety of movies, including Doctor G, a campus comedy, and Runway 34, a thriller. Because too many things affect box office results, the audience's adoration is what matters most.

Rakul has been starring in South Indian movies for a very long time, long before the country as a whole began to watch them as much as they do now. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on whether South Indian films' content is superior to that of Bollywood. Speaking about the same, the actor said that where there is no debate, people are starting one. It's simply a result of the sheer number of platforms available and the fact that everyone has a voice on social media. Hindi GECs, where people watch these movies, have long admired South Indian cinema. It became a topic of conversation because of the overconsumption that occurred during the pandemic, which is great because those movies deserved to be recognised. There is no comparison because both Hindi and regional cinema are parts of the Indian industry. Nowadays, a good movie will find an audience. Rakul, on the other hand, wants to emphasize how amazing it is to live in a time when there is such a great exchange of ideas, creators, and filmmakers, and that they can produce films of such high calibre on a global scale with the help of talent from all over the country.

On being asked if she feels her OTT-released movie Chhatriwali would have performed well in theatres, Rakul said that she hasn't thought of that since it was never intended for cinemas. These days, it doesn't matter what platform a movie is released on. Everyone knows that Shershaah is popular, or Freddy is the talk of the town. If a movie is good, people will watch it in theatres or on OTT. Good movies like Runway 34 occasionally receive much more praise on OTT platforms. Of course, box office results are important when a movie is launched in theatres, but the actor believes they all recognise that they are currently in a period of correction and that neither the quality of the movie nor one's character is determined by the box office alone.

But Rakul admits that it matters when it comes to securing one's place on the field. She said that two years have passed since there was a backlog of movies. Every week, new movies are released; occasionally, there are two. The actor asked how one plans to get people to see each film and said it would be expensive. Contrary to what is the case here, the government in the South has a price cap on the cost of the tickets. They choose one movie each month, so their film may not be one of their choices. It just indicates that folks may not have any money at the moment, and this might be a contributing factor. Numbers tell you where you stand, but everyone in the business world knows that the current situation is fragile. So, one's work may not only be viewed through the lens of box office results.

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