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Ramayana – Ranbir Kapoor to not bulk up to play Lord Ram, will have a minimalistic look; here’s everything we know so far

Ranbir Kapoor is all set to play Lord Ram in Nitesh Tiwari’s retelling of Ramayana and has been preparing for the same for the past couple of weeks. 

Ramayana – Ranbir Kapoor to not bulk up to play Lord Ram, will have a minimalistic look; here’s everything we know so far
Ranbir Kapoor To Not Bulk Up For Ramayana

Last Updated: 05.11 PM, Feb 13, 2024


While his film 'Animal' continues to generate buzz over two months after its release, Ranbir Kapoor has already shifted his focus to his next magnum opus, where he is set to portray Lord Ram. Nitesh Tiwari’s retelling of the Ramayana has been highly anticipated ever since the filmmaker began work on the project, with initial reports of tech checks followed by casting announcements. While confusion persists regarding the rest of the cast until final confirmations are made, Kapoor is diligently preparing for the demanding role. Recent reports shed light on his preparation process.

Contrary to expectations of bulking up and adopting a chiseled physique for the role of Lord Ram, the latest reports suggest otherwise. According to India Today, Ranbir will sport a minimalist look in 'Ramayana,' eschewing the need for a heavily muscular or prototypical appearance. The actor recently underwent a look test supervised by Nitesh Tiwari, with the team finalizing the character's appearance for the ambitious film.

Reports indicate that Ranbir Kapoor participated in a photo shoot dressed as Lord Ram, adorned with golden and gem-studded ornaments befitting the character. Those who have seen the images of the 'Animal' star portraying the Hindu deity have been impressed, leading Nitesh Tiwari to opt for a lean, minimalist approach rather than focusing on bulking up the actor.

The report also reveals that further look tests will be conducted, including those for Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh, and others. While Kapoor remains the primary focus, the filmmakers aim to maintain simplicity in the appearance of both Lord Ram and Mata Sita, avoiding overly ornate jewelry and elaborate costumes.

Nitesh Tiwari is dedicated to ensuring the film's perfection, with recent reports indicating that Ranbir Kapoor is undergoing diction training to accurately portray the language and vocabulary of the era. The cast includes Kapoor as Lord Ram, Sai Pallavi as Mata Sita, and Rakul Preet Singh as Surpanakha. Yash is reportedly set to portray Ravana, while Sunny Deol and Lara Dutta were last approached for the roles of Lord Hanuman and Kaikeyi, respectively.

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