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Rana Sarkar takes a dig at Anirban Bhattacharya after his Mitthye Premer Gaan flopped

The producer labelled the actor as ‘poor man’s Al Pacino  

Rana Sarkar takes a dig at Anirban Bhattacharya after his Mitthye Premer Gaan flopped
Anirban Bhattacharya and Rana Sarkar

Last Updated: 03.56 PM, Feb 14, 2023


Producer Rana Sarkar is known to make controversial comments and attack Tollywood celebrities. Just a couple of days back, he taunted Soham Chakraborty on his claim of ‘political motivation behind the delay issuing censor certificate for Laal Suitcaseta Dekhechen?. Now Rana, the producer of Manabjamin, targeted Anirban Bhattacharya. He posted a long note on Facebook on Sunday in which he did not name anyone. However, the post took a jibe at Anirban and his latest film, Mitthya Premer Gaan.

What did he write? He labeled ‘an actor’ as ‘poor man’s Al Pacino’ and wrote, “In the first two days of the release of the poor man’s Al Pacino’s new film, could not even collect Rs one lakh in the box office. Shah Rukh Khan said he would come back, but who would know that ‘Khoka’ would vanish? Still, the intellectual snobbery will go on. He cannot make his film go on to the second week. Still, pretentious dialogues will go on.” Borrowing from an old Bengali adage, he further punned, “The wild animals are good in the forest and some stars on the lap of OTT. And we have nothing to do, we will not go elsewhere, we will stay in this country.” 

Anirban played a popular character named Khoka in Srijit Mukherji's film Dwitiyo Purush. He recently debuted as a director with a successful film, Ballabhpurer Roopkotha. Last Friday, Paroma Neotia’s debut film Mitthye Premer Gaan was released. The film features Anirban, Ishaa Saha, and Arjun Chakrabarty as the lead. The box office report is not very hopeful. Everyone also knows that Anirban is popular on OTT. With Rana’s reference to Anirban’s anti-fascist song, netizens took no time to identify Rana’s target. 

Rana’s comment stormed Facebook. Anirban’s fans trolled the producer. Rana commented there and made it clear that Anirban was his target. Someone wrote, “Anirban did not write anything about the fact that your film Manabjomin bombed at the box office. But you know so many things about him. Anirbanda must meet you and give a bucketful of sympathies.” Rana replied, “I do not have that feeling and I do not want it. He should not fly so high, should realise his capacity, and should reject the temptation of money and comfort; he better not waste his talent.” 

Someone mentioned Anirban’s struggle in life, and the producer became more attacking. “He has a fixed monthly income of Rs 10 lakh from a production house. Is this struggle? Is art possible without life struggle? No matter how much talent it is? Is there any scope to do anything, apart from copying some foreign content on the web or borrowing from Badal Sarkar’s script? And acting? Sadly, Ritwik (Chakraborty), Parambrata (Chatterjee), or Jisshu (U Sengupta) can give him a hundred goals in acting. First, know about their struggle, and then comment.” 

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