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Raththam on OTT: 5 reasons you must watch the Vijay Antony-starrer crime thriller

Vijay Antony-starrer Raththam, directed by CS Amudhan, was released in the theatres on October 6

Raththam on OTT: 5 reasons you must watch the Vijay Antony-starrer crime thriller
Detail from the poster for Raththam

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Nov 04, 2023


Raththam, starring Vijay Antony, was released on Amazon Prime Video on November 3. Helmed by CS Amudhan, the Tamil crime thriller movie is bankrolled by Kamal Bohra, G Dhananjayan, Pradeep B and Pankaj Bohra under the banner of Infiniti Film Ventures. Raththam also features Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha and Remya Nambeesan in pivotal roles. 

The story of Raththam revolves around a series of murders, and follows the journey of a journalist, as he seeks to unravel the truth. The film showcases the tragic life of investigative journalist Ranjith Kumar (Vijay). The victim (Chezhiyan), who served as an editor at a media house, was murdered by a fanatic due to a negative article he published about his idol. Ranjith’s quest for answers leads him to uncover an illicit network and a potential victim-turned-killer in this chilling murder case.

Raththam received mixed reviews upon its release in the theatres on October 6. The movie, however, was praised for the lead actors’ performances. Here are five reasons you must watch the Vijay Antony-starrer on OTT:


1. Plot explores hate crimes in the country

Raththam delves into the dark and relatively unexplored world of hate crimes in India. It sheds light on the history of such crimes and their connection to shadowy networks that use social media to identify and target victims. Vijay’s character plays a pretty straightforward investigative journalist, who is forced to shift to Chennai where he is supposed to investigate the murder of his friend Chezhiyan. The film explores this grey area in a well-scripted manner.

2. Perfect supporting characters

Nandita’s portrayal of the crime editor at the newspaper office adds credibility to her character. Meanwhile, Mahima’s character is one of the most alluring ones, as it captures the viewers’ attention with her charisma in scenes with Vijay. Apart from them, Nizhalgal Ravi, Jagan Krishnan, Uday Mahesh and Remya have made a decent attempt in this investigative thriller.

3. Antagonist’s character is well written

Raththam does not descend to the stereotypical ways in Kollywood, when women play villainous characters. The film introduces an intriguing antagonist who stands out for her stillness and eerie smile, even in tense situations. Her character’s mind games and strategic approach create a sense of suspense and make her scenes captivating.

4. Thrilling film score

Vijay Antony in Raththam
Vijay Antony in Raththam

Kannan Narayanan, who composed the music for Raththam, has not disappointed in creating a thrilling and compelling film score. The background music undoubtedly adds to the gripping theme of the film, making it a must-watch!

5. Compelling visuals with a minimalist approach

Raththam makes a refreshing approach by describing impactful details verbally, instead of relying on provocative visuals. The film adopts a simple way of conveying the scenes without making it look complex. This allows the audience to focus on the characters’ emotions and experiences, without being distracted by the visual effects.

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