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Raveena Tandon at HTLS 2022: How do you label Madhuri Dixit 'superstar of the 90s' and not Aamir Khan?

Regarding how female actors are treated in the media, Raveena Tandon raised some concerns.

Raveena Tandon at HTLS 2022: How do you label Madhuri Dixit 'superstar of the 90s' and not Aamir Khan?
Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Last Updated: 09.18 AM, Nov 12, 2022


Raveena Tandon has questioned the disparity between how male and female actresses are treated by the media. Men always seem to be stars, but women are put into groups and different time periods. During the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022, Raveena spoke on the disparities in treatment between men and women in Bollywood.

At the event, the actor said that she used to wonder why the media treated actors and actresses differently. One doesn't refer to Aamir Khan's return with a film after a sabbatical of two to three years as his comeback. It's hard to believe that 1990s superstar Aamir Khan is still alive and well today. The female actors have also been working consistently. But she keeps reading in the media that Madhuri Dixit, a superstar of the 1990s, is now engaged in this.

Raveena quizzed me on how one could characterise her in that way when she has been working continuously. Regarding Sanjay Dutt or Salman Khan, one has never made this claim. Thus, people must eliminate this discrepancy.


The Shool actor also said that she gets nervous before any movie or TV show comes out. Raveena said, "Sometimes even before a difficult scene, I am jittery even then. It depends on how you deal with it."

While talking about OTT blurring the regional boundaries, the actor stated, "When KGF: Chapter 1 released, it was a pan-India hit. But I think the word-of-mouth and the fact that it was released on an OTT platform did phenomenal business, and it sort of paved the way for KGF: Chapter 2 to be a bigger hit than we were. Because so many people were curious about what was in KGF: Chapter 1, they saw it on OTT and were ready for KGF: Chapter 2."

The actor claimed that the success of KGF: Chapter 2 in theatres was boosted by the response to the first installment. Raveena added that it's a hand-in-glove situation to some extent, and she thinks it really works, as they are happily feeding off each other, which is a good thing.

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