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Real or Fake: Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 fans divided over Roopesh Shetty's tears for Sanya Iyer

Sanya Iyer was eliminated in the most recent episode which has irked many fans of the show

Real or Fake: Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 fans divided over Roopesh Shetty's tears for Sanya Iyer
Roopesh Shetty wearing his heart around his head
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.43 PM, Nov 08, 2022


Sanya Iyer's exit from Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 has surely caused a frenzy, of sorts, on social media as fans demand her return to the show. While a few reckon that she did, quite in fact, deserve to be eliminated, the vast majority of the Bigg Boss Kannada patrons believe that she was one of the strongest contenders in the competition and that her eviction comes as an unfair move.

And yet, while one can't bring Sanya Iyer back into the house unless the makers throw a surprise, the patrons of the show have shifted their focus slightly towards her closest pal inside, Roopesh Shetty. The seventh Monday of the ongoing season 9 saw things inside the vast house slowly return to normal with the expected disputes and so on but it was Roopesh Shetty's behaviour which drew almost all the attention of the viewers. Visibly and vocally upset with Sanya's exit from the house, Roopesh wore his heart on his life in the episode and highlighted his emotions through a special hairband that bore the words "Miss You Sanya". In the same vein, the 'Girgit' actor also verbally expressed himself to other housemates and openly declared that his friend Sanya's elimination was an unfair call.

To make things interesting, social media users then took a divided stance with respect to his show of emotions with many claiming that he was being "fake" and that he was using his close pal's exit to only charm his strong base audience. On the other hand, plenty of them came to his support and stated that he was being quite genuine in saying that he does miss Sanya Iyer alongside him.

Sanya Iyer and Roopesh Shetty are two of the four contestants who were given direct entry into Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 for finishing at the top in the maiden OTT edition of Bigg Boss Kannada. The other two are Rakesh Adiga and Aryavardhan Guruji who are still battling it out with the other 8 contestants. Sanya and Roopesh's mutual equation became one of the main topics of conversation on the OTT show.

Well, it does look like the competition is now testing the patience levels of the contestants as cracks begin to appear in the morales of many of them. As per consensus, Anupama Gowda, Rakesh Adiga, Arun Sagar, and Vinod Gobbaragala are the favourites at the moment but with the show slated to last many more weeks, a lot could change during the course.