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Recap 2023 – From Taylor Swift to Margot Robbie, a look back at the most impactful female superstars and their performances

Throughout 2023, female stars shattered glass ceilings and left their mark on history, making it a year of remarkable progress for gender equality

Recap 2023 – From Taylor Swift to Margot Robbie, a look back at the most impactful female superstars and their performances

Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift

Last Updated: 02.33 AM, Jan 01, 2024


As the clock struck midnight, 2023 faded into the shades of time, replaced by the radiant hope of 2024. The whole world bathed in the golden glow of festivities, embraced the new year with a harmony of cheers and laughter. Warm hugs and joyful exchanges painted the air, while eyes sparkled with anticipation for the successes and transformations yet to unfold.

Before we jump into the unknown of the new year, let's take a quick peek at what just happened. 2023 was a year that really shook things up when it comes to how we think about equality for everyone, regardless of any gender. It's time to see what we learned from the entertainment industry, and how it might affect the adventures ahead.

Taylor Swift

For nearly two decades, Taylor Swift has captivated audiences of all genders with her enchanting music, powerful lyrics, and captivating performances. However, 2023 marked a new era of dominance for the superstar. Her monumental Eras Tour not only propelled her to billionaire status, but also smashed records as the first concert film to rake in over $250 million at the box office. This striking feat solidified Swift's position not just as a commercial powerhouse, but also as a critically acclaimed artist, earning her the admiration of even her fellow musicians who have hailed her as one of the greatest musicians of this generation.

Greta Gerwig

From playing in the side roles to hailing the director's chair, Greta Gerwig has achieved monuments this year. For the unversed, the 40-year-old has achieved a momentous double triumph in 2023. Not only has her latest directorial venture become the first film of the year to cross the billion-dollar mark, but it also stands as the first such accomplishment for a solo female filmmaker. This historic feat is a testament to Gerwig's talent and vision.


Reigning queen of music, Beyoncé, keeps adding milestones to her crown. Her Renaissance World Tour this year dazzled audiences worldwide, becoming her highest-grossing yet. Beyond the stage, she landed at #36 on Forbes' elite list of 100 Powerful Women. But Beyoncé's artistry truly shines on screen. Her concert film – Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, captivated viewers, claiming the top spot in North America and raking in an impressive $21 million in its opening weekend. Making history as the first post-Thanksgiving film to cross $20 million in two decades, Renaissance solidified Beyoncé's place as the most-awarded Grammy artist ever, with a dazzling 32 accolades.

Margot Robbie

After six years of bringing Harley Quinn to life with vibrant flair, Margot Robbie's 2023 portrayal of Barbie unveiled a different kind of impact. In a year dominated by familiar franchises, Barbie stood out as a critical and commercial favourite, becoming the sole billion-dollar film and captivating audiences with its unique story and amazing visuals. This success served as a powerful statement, redefining audience expectations for what female-led films can achieve and breaking the myth that they need male co-stars to reach the box office stratosphere.

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