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Revealed: Run time of Sharan’s sports drama Guru Shishyaru

The film, which will be in theatres on September 23, has been censored clean U, without cuts and mutes

Revealed: Run time of Sharan’s sports drama Guru Shishyaru
Sharan and Nishvika in Guru Shishyaru
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Last Updated: 04.21 PM, Sep 19, 2022


After two back-to-back weeks of remakes at the Kannada box office, it’s time for an original story this week. Sharan, who was last seen in Avatara Purusha – Ashtadigbandana Mandalaka, returns to the big screen with a home production called Guru Shishyaru. A period drama set in 1995, this one has Sharan playing a physical education instructor, who trains a motley bunch of youngsters in kho-kho.

The film, which is releasing in theatres on September 23, has been censored and was awarded a clean U certificate with no cuts or mutes. What’s also emerged from the censor certificate is the film’s final run time. Guru Shishyaru is 160 minutes long, which is two hours and forty minutes, fairly long for a sports drama. Directed by Jadeesha K Hampi, who made Gentleman with Prajwal Devaraj earlier, Guru Shishyaru also stars Nishvika Naidu, Dattanna, Apurva Kasaravalli and Suresh Heblikar, among others. As for the youngsters onboard, the film will introduce Sharan’s son Hruday, Ekanth (son of Nenapirali Prem), Rakshak (late comedian Bullet Prakash’s son), Manikanta Nayak (son of MLA Raju Gowda), Suriya (Ravi Shankar Gowda’s son), and Naveen Krishna’s son Harshit.

According to the trailer, Sharan is a physical education teacher who sets out to get an experience certificate by working at a government school, but his students turn out be a handful. What follows is a tug-of-war between the master and the students. But the bigger challenge arises when the rightful owner of the land that the school is built on stakes claim to his property. Sharan is seen as the designated saviour to save the school and its stakeholders, but can he live up to these expectations?

Guru Shishyaru has been jointly produced by Sharan and Tharun Sudhir. The film has music by B Ajaneesh Loknath, for who this is a first-time collaboration with Sharan.