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REVEALED: The reason why Sima Taparia received 5000 calls daily after July 18!

By her own confession, Sima Taparia confessed that she was the reason for the stock market to stop for 15 minutes and also for the internet to crash!

REVEALED: The reason why Sima Taparia received 5000 calls daily after July 18!
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 09.24 AM, Apr 22, 2023

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The concept of matchmaking before marriage is universal. But ‘the way Indians do it, no one else can and does’ is a common feeling that is prevalent throughout the world. And it is this concept of Indian matchmaking which got conceptualized into a TV show on Netflix. And spearheading this show was Sima Taparia, who, by her own admission, has been a matchmaker since the year 2005.

In an interview with Cyrus Broacha, Sima Taparia spoke about how the show was born and the reason why she got as many as a staggering 5000 calls daily after the show got streamed! In the interview, Sima Taparia said that she had been a rreal-life matchmaker since the year 2005. Around that time, the US based film maker Jagmohan Mundra had met her for his daughter Smriti Mudhra’s matchmaking. Upon seeing the process and methodology of Sima Taparia’s matchmaking, Smriti Mudhra decided to make a documentary on her titled ‘A Suitable Girl’, which took four years to complete. This documentary, then, went onto win big at the ‘Tribecca film festival in New York’. That’s when Netflix approached her to host a show on the same concept of Indian matchmaking.

By her own admission, Sima Taparia told Cyrus, “I never dreamt that the show would go across the world. The show was released on 17th July and from 18 July, I was getting 5000 phone calls daily! It even crashed the internet. And for the first time, the share market stopped for 15 minutes, and they took my interview at that time! During Covid, there were so many restaurants which got made with my name... all free of cost!”. She added, “Its such a pleasure to go for the eddings because they give me divine blessings” And when Cyrus asked about if anyone can be a part of the show through her reference, pat came the reply from Sima Taparia, “If I give 50 clients, Netflix will take only one, after thoroughly checking their family background and their preventability factor on TV etc...”

And when asked about any crazy demand from anyone for matchmaking, Sima Taparia revealed that there was a family from the south (without STRICTLY not revealing their names) who had a very ‘narrow parameter’ for their prospective daughter-in-law. But I took it as a challenge, and I became successful. And when asked about how her husband was dealing with the attention that she was getting, Sima Taparia said, “Behind every successful woman, there is a progressive husband. But, he is there at every step of mine and that’s why I am here.” Here, she also recalled the time when she wanted to quit matchmaking. But it was her husband who had encouraged her to get back on track.

Now that Sima Taparia is all set with the third season of the show, she is super excited about the same. When she was asked about the difference between seasons 1, 2 and 3, Sima Taparia said, “I am not going to disclose anything. All that I can say is that totally different season altogether”.