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REVEALED: The reason why Sonali Bendre called Anjali Mamgai as her ‘Sher Bachcha’

Sonali Bendre is one of the three judges in ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 3’

REVEALED: The reason why Sonali Bendre called Anjali Mamgai as her ‘Sher Bachcha’
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 02.23 PM, May 04, 2023

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With weekend ready to make its presence felt in just a couple of days from now, many of the viewers are glued to their TV sets and are waiting eagerly to see this weekend’s episode of India’s Best Dancer Season 3’. This weekend, the viewers will get to see the ‘Best 13’ paying tribute to Bollywood in the 'Best Ka Pehla Test'.

A source close to the production unit said that this weekend's episode will see the contestants and choreographers adding a filmy twist through their dance acts. The same source added that the judges also will be stepping into the shoes of some of the most loved characters of Indian Cinema and enter the epiosde as Terence ‘Pathaan’ Lewis, Geeta ‘Kathiyawadi’ Kapur, and Sonali ‘Laila’ Bendre. Staying true to the theme of the episode, contestant Anjali Mamgai and choreographer Aryan will be seen dancing to the iconic yesteryear song 'Aplam Chaplam' from the 1955 film 'Azaad'. Not just that, the duo even get dressed like the classic romantic onscreen pair (late) Nargis and (late) Raj Kapoor.

After seeing their act, judge the 'Sarfarosh' actress Sonali Bendre termed Anjali Mamgai as her ‘Sher Bachcha’ and said, "This was a very good act. Anjali, you have an old-world charm - you can be a black and white heroine. You have an old-world charm in your expressions and your dance is modern. This combination is very interesting! And Aryan I loved how you made this choreography so memorable for me." The act became extra special as Anjali's mother Bharti and her sisters Aditi and Ahana will join her on stage.

Seeing Anjali performing, her proud mother recalled the hardships that Anjali had faced all her life and how they were thrown out of the house by her father when Anjali was 13. And it was since then, Anjali had taken the responsibility of being the bread winner of the house, not letting her mother take up any job. As a ‘sweet’ gesture, Anjali's mother would be seen blessing her by feeding her homemade besan ke laddo and her sister, Aditi giving her a sweet card in order to encourage her. One can watch this awesome episode of 'India's Best Dancer 3' on Sony Entertainment Television this weekend at 8 pm.