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Rhea Kapoor shares plans for Battle for Bittora with Sonam Kapoor and a new male lead, replacing Fawad Khan

Rhea Kapoor is currently riding high on the success of Thank You For Coming. Her next film as a producer is The Crew.

Rhea Kapoor shares plans for Battle for Bittora with Sonam Kapoor and a new male lead, replacing Fawad Khan
Rhea Kapoor/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.46 AM, Oct 10, 2023


After Thank You for Coming release and The Crew's recently concluded production, producer Rhea Kapoor may have found the perfect opportunity to revisit the romantic tale that first captured her heart. Battle for Bittora, a romantic comedy starring Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, was announced by her in 2016. She has held on to the rights to Anuja Chauhan's best-selling novel for the past seven years.

Timing challenges and script affection:

During an interaction with Mid Day, Rhea stated that it's one of her favourite scripts, no exaggeration, and the timing just hasn't been perfect to begin production on the movie. Rhea insists that it is highly likely to occur. Meanwhile, Sonam has recently stated that Battle for Bittora will be one of the films she stars in next year and that casting for the male protagonist and director is already underway.

Political conflict and romantic storytelling challenges

Sarojini and Zain, best friends from childhood and now lovers, face off against one another in the political arena in Chauhan's novel. It is more challenging to realise this concept because the story takes place against the backdrop of a political conflict. According to Rhea, sincerity is the goal in such topics. She would like to see the story told as faithfully as possible, with the colour scheme given its due respect. Casting the appropriate actors is crucial. This is the most romantic script they have ever written, and they don't want to settle for less in any way.


Making a romantic comedy can be challenging in a business that prioritises violent criminal dramas. Like she did with Khoobsurat (2014) and Veere Di Wedding (2018), Rhea will promote Battle for Bittora since she thinks it's a good movie.

Small but mighty production company

The producer-stylist further told the tabloid that it often takes a long time for a script to begin rolling. It took three years to create Veere Di Wedding, while work on The Crew began immediately following the conclusion of the 2018 film. Even Battle for Bittora has been in the works for some time.

She added that her dad, Anil Kapoor, has a rule: always try to improve the quality of the stuff she is creating. They are a small but mighty production company, and they take our development work very seriously. She will never give up on the film until she finishes it because it's her favourite. There is no doubt that it will occur, but she needs everything to fit together.

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