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Richard Linklater wants to return to Paris for a "new wave" kind of a film, shot entirely in French

Many would know that Linklater's iconic film Before Sunset (2004), starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, was shot entirely in Paris.

Richard Linklater wants to return to Paris for a "new wave" kind of a film, shot entirely in French
Richard Linklater

Last Updated: 06.37 PM, Oct 11, 2023


Richard Linklater's love affair with Paris is a famous one. The filmmaker made one of his most personal and most loved films Before Sunset in the French capital and iconised some of its locations. It's where his two beloved muses Jesse and Celine rekindle their old love after nearly a decade after navigating its many vibrant streets. And turns out Linklater isn't done with Paris because we hear that the man intends on returning to the city for another exciting project, one that he wishes to shoot entirely in French!

Yes, you heard that right. As someone who has refused to remain in a comfort zone and has often reinvented himself through his work, Rick Linklater is now in full pursuit of a film that will be made in French with a local cast in place. The director spoke to fellow auteur and non-conformist Gregg Araki and revealed that he "hopes to" make a French film in Paris and described that passion project as a New Wave film. Although he wouldn't shine more light on the development of this exciting venture, it does seem in all likelihood that it will go on floors sooner than later! 

In the past, Linklater's films have come as a sincere nod to the French New Wave cinema, particularly the works of Eric Rohmer and Francois Truffaut. The Before Trilogy, in particular, is revered for its minimal and hyper-real setting that comprises casual and extended dialogues between the two central characters and one would find these traits to be defining components of the French New Wave. 

In the same conversation with Gregg Araki (via, Linklater would discuss the latest 4k restorations of the latter's cult classics Nowhere and Doom Generation and also touched upon other key topics such as streaming and others.

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