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Right Place Wrong Person song Lost – BTS’ RM asks you to find your identity by saying goodbye to ghosts of your mind

BTS’ RM speaks of insecuritites in RPWP title song Lost

Right Place Wrong Person song Lost – BTS’ RM asks you to find your identity by saying goodbye to ghosts of your mind
BTS RM (Kim Namjoon)

Last Updated: 11.04 AM, May 25, 2024


Finally, the latest song from BTS leader RM’s album Right Place Wrong Person (RPWP) is out. Lost is a track that could be underwhelming and confusing at first, and needs to be seen and heard a second time to understand what it is about. This is mainly because the expectations around the song was horror and while the element is there, it is not in-your-face horror, but an internal one. This time around, Kim Namjoon has proven that he’s the most secure singer, actor and rapper (among the many talents he holds), by talking out loud about his insecurities (more on it later). He asks you to find your identity by saying goodbye to ghosts of your mind.

The introduction

When the song is introduced, you get an ‘Inside RM’s brain’ on the screen. This, mind you, is somewhat misleading, because the same is a part of a TV chat show rather than it being an actual representation of Namjoon’s brain (with an IQ of 148). Nonetheless, it is very human and thus, believable.

RM is stuck in a maze, literally. He is at the centre of it. This represents how, at one point, we are all stuck in a maze, and in the centre of it, and thus, getting out feels tough (also talking about how we all want to be the centre of attention at some point in our lives, deservingly).

Some more characters appear, and they are all him. However, nobody knows by this point that they are just the ghost in his mind. They could be the one in front of the camera, behind the camera, stuck in an elevator with versions of you. With that, you could end up losing your identity.

The brilliant introduction also leads us to the end – where Namjoon chooses himself over temptation. Wait for it.


Portraying insecurity

In finding oneself everywhere, Namjoon cannot find his own identity. This is literally shown through the elevator scene. He is scared, wants to get back in the limelight and be the hero of his own story and cannot find his way out. He is ‘goddamn lost’ and still in the maze called life, where even though he finds himself everywhere, he is nowhere. The story progresses to who among the lot will win. They keep rolling on a rolling machine, completely lost as to where they are going. The cartoon characters to portray the fear of the dark works well.

Finally free

Namjoon hits you through his lyrics again. When he says “I’ve never felt so free before,” you know in that moment that Joonie has found his way and the others are just a ghost. “I’ve never felt so fine before,” is literally his moment. Soon, he is heard saying, “I’ve got temptation,” which is sure to take you back to his Blood, Sweat and Tears monologue, “He too was a tempter, he too was a link to the second. The evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do.” Just like back then, when he clearly stated that it was an evil world, here, we find the horrors, which come in the form of ghosts haunting him by pretending to be him. Thus, it is all about finding your identity. Being the thought that won, he embraces all other thoughts by climbing over them to reach the top (literally in the music video). That is how this artist comes on a popular talk show (thus proving he got the much-deserved fame). It does not end at that. The horrors that the ghosts bring are shown by lights flickering and the main one eventually dimming out. This time, even the ghosts support and root for the one thought (the best) which won.

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