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Rituparna Sengupta in Priyanka Chopra’s production, shooting to start in 2023

In her recent visit to the US, Rituparna Sengupta dropped by Priyanka Chopra’s house after Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mother, invited the Bengali Diva. 

Rituparna Sengupta in Priyanka Chopra’s production, shooting to start in 2023
Rituparna Sengupta and Priyanka Chopra

Last Updated: 10.30 PM, Nov 15, 2022


Rituparna Sengupta’s Mahishasur Marddini is all set to be dropped on November 25. Directed by Ranjan Ghosh, the film was scheduled to release on November 11. However, it is because of the release of Ishaan Ghose’s Jhilli and Prasun Chatterjee’s Dostojee, the film was pushed back a little. Meanwhile, the actress is currently busy shooting an Indo-Bangladesh joint film production, Sparsha. The film was stalled due to legal complications and then Covid-19. However, after a long pause, the shooting for a new film started. Sparsh is produced jointly by India and Bangladesh. Directed by Anindya Dutta from West Bengal and Ananya Mamun from Bangladesh, the film stars Rituparna as the protagonist. 

The shooting started recently in Kolkata. The actress shared the news of a new film exclusively with Zee-24 Ghanta from the shooting floor. In an interview with them, Rituparna revealed that she was invited to Priyanka Chopra’s house in Los Angeles. Talking about Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra, Rituparna said, “Aunty loves me very much. She told me to come to her place. That’s why I went to Priyanka and Nick’s place. They have a beautiful house. That time Priyanka was in India, and hence I could not meet her. But the entire Jonas family was there, and they are very nice people. We had high tea there. There were talks about a film under Priyanka's production. The shooting will hopefully start in 2023.” 

Rituparna also said that Priyanka’s success makes her proud. “I am very proud of Priyanka. Her journey of establishing herself in the US is marvelous.” Rituparna went to the US just before her birthday. She spent time with her son in Boston. Since her birthday would be spent on the flight, her fans arranged for a cake-cutting ceremony in the US. She came to Kolkata only for two hours on her birthday. Her close friends gave her a surprise party in that slot. She flew to Singapore that night, where her husband Sanjay Chakraborty arranged another party. After her birthday, Rituparna came back to the shooting floor. 

In Sparsha her co-actors include Kharaj Mukhopadhyay and Nirab Hossain from Bangladesh. The film is produced by Action Cut Entertainment in Bangladesh and Roll Camera Action in Kolkata. 

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