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Riverfront Stories episode 3 Vaar Raat Maan trailer: Brinda Trivedi takes up a female-centric role

The anthology "Riverfront" is streaming from December 30, 2021, on Oho Gujarati.

Riverfront Stories episode 3 Vaar Raat Maan trailer: Brinda Trivedi takes up a female-centric role

Last Updated: 08.55 AM, Jan 02, 2022


Oho Gujarati's latest offering is Vaat Raat Maan (Talking at Night)’s trailer. The short clip sees Brinda Trivedi in a detailed role, where she deals with all kinds of women. Like her character, the story, too, appears to be one of empowering women.

Brinda is the elder sister of the family, and she does not like to share responsibility with her family, especially her younger sister. This is seen when she tells her younger sister, “Aa maari problem che, hu handle kari layis (this is my problem, I will handle it).”

Watch the video here:


Somehow, the younger sister comes to know about how their sibling (Brinda) puts up a brave front but is actually hurting a lot. Thus, she catches up with her despite their differences.

The most powerful dialogue in the trailer, which also gives away a hint about what the series will be about, is the last dialogue of the episode. "Kem? Dukh pade toh aj radaaye? (Why? Does one have to cry only when they are sad?)," Brinda’s character asks. This hints that the episode will not be your typical sob story. Of course, there are tears. However, they may not be because the character is sad.

In a recent interview with OTTplay, Brinda mentioned that she would love to see women in more female-centric roles. She hoped that the film culture would change after Hellaro’s release, but much to her dismay, that was not the case.

Many actresses, including Brinda, have pointed out how filmmakers in Gujarat do not write a female character as the lead, per se. These characters are often written off as side characters who are in a supporting role and would rarely ever affect a storyline.

With Riverfront’s Vaat Raat Ma, it looks like Brinda is here to see a little change in the Gujarati film dynamics. Here’s hoping the anthology series, streaming on Oho Gujarati from December 30 to January 1, will bring some change in the industry and culture, at least the one that Brinda hoped to see.

Brinda was last seen in Oho Gujarati’s 110, opposite Kavin Dave. The series was also helmed and produced by Abhishek Jain, who also owns Oho Gujarati.

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