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Romancham: Sushin Syam’s music took the horror-comedy two notches higher, says Jithu Madhavan | Exclusive

Romancham, which has Soubin Shahir and Arjun Ashokan in the lead, is set to hit theatres on February 3

  • Sanjith Sidhardhan

Last Updated: 09.07 AM, Feb 01, 2023

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Movies being delayed for technical or financial reasons is nothing new, especially in the post-pandemic era in the Malayalam film industry. But it does lay to waste a lot of time, effort and money that was spent on marketing the film for its initial date. However, for debutant director Jithu Madhavan’s Romancham, a song from the horror-comedy – Aadharanjali – that was released three months ago, when the movie was initially set for release, has become so popular that the film has stayed fresh in the minds of the audience.

Point this out to Jithu and the filmmaker in an exclusive chat with OTTplay tells us, “I believe everyone who was part of the movie, from the DOP and actor to the editor, has done their parts brilliantly. After the edit, when Sushin gave his music, the film became at least two steps better than what it was. This is from what I have seen, because I have travelled with the movie from the beginning. With every tweak and step, the movie becomes better because that’s what we all strive to do. So, I am saying Sushin’s music made it even better.”


Bheeshmaparvam and Varathan composer Sushin, in fact, was so impressed by the footage of the movie that he had decided to join the movie as its co-producer. Romancham is also produced by Soubin Shahir along with Guppy director Johnpaul George and its cinematographer Girish Gangadharan.

On getting the talented bunch to bankroll the movie, the director says, “It helped that we had producers who were creative because it was easier to communicate. Johnpaul chettan is a mentor because I had worked with him as an assistant director in Ambili and Guppy. I have also known Girish ettan from Guppy. There was that comfort factor from the beginning. I have also worked with Soubikka before, so the working atmosphere was great and they did everything that was required for the film.”

The film, which also has Arjun Ashokan and Chemban Vinod in pivotal characters, is gearing up to hit theatres on February 3.