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Rosy Ma'am I Love You’s latest track gets dropped; is a mix of dream and reality!

The makers of Rosy Ma'am I Love You have now dropped ‘Aawara’, the latest track of the film

Rosy Ma'am I Love You’s latest track gets dropped; is a mix of dream and reality!
Rosy Mam I Love You's new song gets dropped

Last Updated: 09.37 PM, Apr 26, 2024


The D-day has finally come. The much-awaited romantic film Rosy Ma'am I Love You has finally been released in theatres. The film, which promises to be an eclectic mix of dream and reality, has been one of the most awaited films by the cinegoers.


Rosy mam's dance of grace!

The song starts off with Rosy mam (Priya Mishra) coming to the classroom and dancing away with all her grace and elegance in a classroom. And guess what! The classroom is not empty, but has one student in it, who is seated and observing Rosy mam with total attention.

James' secret crush for Rosy Mam!

No prizes for guessing as to who that one student was! The one student is none other than James (Siddhesh Rawle) the one who has been nurturing a secret crush on her since the time he saw Rosy mam for the first time in his classroom.

No sooner does Rosy mam enter the class in a blue colour chiffon saree, she holds the hand of her sincere student James and starts making him dance to her tunes. The love for Rosy mam that one could spot in the eyes of James has to be seen in order to be believed. In no time, both Rosy mam and James start dancing to the tunes of ‘Aawara’, which happens to be the latest track which has now been dropped by the makers of the film, which has been released today all across the theatres.

The intensity of his love towards Rosy mam is so seamless that even the beating from the cane by her seems to be a part of love for James. This is then, followed by Rosy mam and James getting immersed into each other’s eyes!

Just as when Rosy mam is about to give a kiss on the lips James (who is totally lost in love), he gets a reality check after he gets hit by a chalk! Much to everyone’s surprise, the entire scene was nothing but a fragment of James’ imagination whilst he is sitting in the class while Rosy mam is busy teaching the subject!

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