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Sabyasachi Chakrabarty on Devi Chowdhurani: Prosenjit Chatterjee is involved with the project and that added to my excitement

 He will be seen as Zamindar Harballav Roy – the antagonist – in Subhrajit Mitra’s period drama

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty on Devi Chowdhurani: Prosenjit Chatterjee is involved with the project and that added to my excitement
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty

Last Updated: 07.00 PM, May 09, 2023


After a brief hiatus, veteran actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty is back to work. In Subhrajit Mitra’s ambitious Devi Chowdhurani (Bandit Queen Of Bengal), he will be seen as Zamindar Harballav Roy – the antagonist. The film also features Srabanti Chatterjee as Prafulla, aka Devi Chowdhurani, and Prosenjit Chatterjee, as Bhavani Pathak. Besides, Sabyasachi’s younger son Arjun Chakrabarty will play the character of Rangaraj. 

Talking about saying yes to the character, Sabyasachi said, “Director Subhrajit Mitra offered me a role in his upcoming film, Devi Chowdhurani (Bandit Queen Of Bengal). It is the character of Harballav Roy. Initially, I was not sure if I would do it because I have become a little selective about work. I have reduced the volume of work in general. However, when I heard that it is Devi Chowdhurani, I thought I might actually like to be a part of this project. First of all, Subhrajit is making the film on a big canvas. It is not going to be a drawing-room drama. It seems like it is going to be an enormous project. A number of names are associated with it. There will be a scope of work without being ungenerous. Finally, I said yes.” 

Arjun and Sabyasachi worked with Subhrajit in his National Award-winning film, Avijatrik. In fact, when Sabyasachi turned into a selective worker with his projects, the director took Arjun’s help to convince him. “Obviously, my younger one Arjun (Chakrabarty) played a role in convincing me. He is playing one of the key characters in the film. He kept on telling me, ‘Please don’t be idle. Come, let’s work. If you sit idly you’ll become old (Erokom chup kore boshe theko na. Cholo na Kaaj koro. Boshe theke theke taratari buro hoye jabe)’. He then said he was sure I would like to work with Subhrojitda. In fact, I worked with him before and I really liked it. I think he is a sensible director. I feel he will take great care in making Devi Chowdhurani.” 

Sabyasachi and Arjun in Avijatrik
Sabyasachi and Arjun in Avijatrik

The actor also liked the script. “The script that he sent me is good. The film is essentially based on the original writing. Besides, it incorporated some historical facts and events that will enrich the film, I feel. This is how I liked the script,” he said.  

Prosenjit’s involvement in the project also encouraged Sabyasachi in the project. He said, “Bumba (Prosenjit) is also getting involved with the project and that added to my excitement. It has been a while since I did not work with them.”

However, Sabyasachi is scared of one thing. “The only thing that I am fearful of is I will have to grow a beard. I am scared of it. I am allergic to spirit gum. I asked the director if we could avoid it. He said the moustache is a must and then I thought since I am not working on any other project, I might as well grow a beard and moustache. If it becomes too much trouble I can always get rid of it, isn’t it? I have taken suggestions from Somnath (Kundu, makeup artist) and Subhrajit. Let’s see how it goes. I know I will not do any shoddy work. I am keen to see how the director and viewers like my work. Anyway, now that I am back, we will see how it goes,” the veteran actor revealed.      

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