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Saira Banu remembers Dilip Kumar on his 101st birth anniversary; pens a heartfelt note for him

On the occasion of Dilip Kumar’s 101st birth anniversary, Saira Banu took to social media to share an emotional note for her late husband

Saira Banu remembers Dilip Kumar on his 101st birth anniversary; pens a heartfelt note for him
PC: Instagram of Saira Banu

Last Updated: 04.50 PM, Dec 11, 2023


Even though we live in a world that is ruled by media and social media with the language of communication being ‘millennial’, there are a bunch of personalities who will never ever fade away from anyone’s memories. One such personality is the evergreen superstar of Bollywood Mohammad Yusuf Khan aka Dilip Kumar, the man who was, is and always will be the first and last word of what stellar acting is all about. On the occasion of Dilip Kumar’s 101st birth anniversary, his wife Saira Banu took to social media and wrote an extremely heartfelt note for the actor. She also posted a collage video of her superstar husband and a greeting card.

Saira Banu took to social media and wrote, “Once more it is December the 11th, the day of days when the skies are blue with a smattering of dreams like puffy white clouds that seem to be dancing in the skies with happiness and exaltation. The whole house used to be flooded with so many flowers…that it seemed as though we had stepped into the "Garden Of Eden". Now the Birthday greetings and cheer keep pouring in with messages of love and remembrance in a million ways, be it through offerings of beautiful Sketches, Cards, Paintings and umpteen messages of love and dedication that give me emotional goose pimples”.

Calling Dilip Kumar an ‘Ultimate Actor’, Saira banu said that it was him, who had been a source of inspiration for generations of actors who have been inspired to touch the zenith of their accomplishments and that Dilip Sahib was just not a greatest actor ever but also a very great human being. 

She added that, being wed to the Shahenshah himself was akin to living a dream of her childhood; he proved to be the most wondrous husband one could ever entreat and that she recalled Sahib (as she fondly calls him as) would often scribe short notes to me, and in response to his endearing gestures, she would reciprocate via notes. She also recalled about waking up from a deep slumber only to discover a handwritten note that said, "Saira, I shall return in 45 minutes, Love Yousuf."

While describing love in the absence of mobile phones, Saira wrote, “I wonder what an absolute delight it was to express love to your significant other in the times when mobile phones did not exist. I have lived and experienced an eternity full of love and warmth with Dilip Sahib while he was around, and to this day, the essence of his love surrounds me in the best way possible”.

She continued, “Likewise, on Sahib's birthday, I would procure the most exquisite and carefully selected greeting cards to honor his special day. As a man as remarkably extraordinary as Dilip Sahib, he deserved nothing less. I always tried to be a devoted wife to him, and I found immense joy in his chivalrous nature, which unfailingly filled my life with happiness. Happy Birthday Yousuf Sahib!”.

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