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Saira Banu’s Valentine’s day post for Dilip Kumar is crash course on falling in love and nurturing it till eternity – Check it out!

Saira Banu shared a heart-warming Valentine’s Day note remembering her Dilip Sahib and it’s all things love. 

Saira Banu’s Valentine’s day post for Dilip Kumar is crash course on falling in love and nurturing it till eternity – Check it out!
Saira Banu Pens A Post On Valentine's Day

Last Updated: 06.22 PM, Feb 14, 2024


We never realized Instagram could be a place for legendary things until some very iconic people got on board and shared things about life that only made us feel overwhelmed about existing in a world with them. The legendary Bollywood actor Saira Banu is one such celebrity, and her Instagram feed is a happy place we all want to be in at the moment, today more than any other day. You ask why? Well, the veteran star is a girl in love today as she remembers the love of her life, iconic superstar late Dilip Kumar. In her heartfelt post today, she has so much to share and make you fall in love with; you will be surprised.

Saira Banu's Heartfelt Post:

Banu on her Instagram handle shared a series of pictures that had her holding several memorabilia from their time together. The couple shared 56 years together before Dilip Sahab moved on to his heavenly abode. In the series of pictures, we can see her reading some notes and greeting cards given by Dilip Kumar as she reveals in the post. There is also a picture where she can be seen holding his hands and a video that has Dilip Sahab trying to blow a whistle and Saira Banu planting a loving peck on his cheeks.

With the post came a long caption that will melt your heart. Saira Banu wrote, “This magical Valentine’s Day fills me with wondrous remembrances of the times when the sky was adorned with a million happy, sparkling stars, marking the beginning and continuation of a life of ecstatic togetherness spanning '56' years. Valentine's Day holds the utmost importance for both Dilip Sahib and me. Sahib would often gift me hand-scribbled greeting cards and short notes. I still ponder that while he was the tragedy king and the epitome of romance on the big screen, he also understood the essence of love dearly and profoundly, bringing it to life for real with me at each step of our lives.”

“In today's world, where expressions of love often come disguised as cell phone messages and lengthy texts, I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced a love that found its most genuine expression. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that no matter what, Dilip Sahib and I will continue to walk hand in hand by the grace of God, united in our thoughts and being until the end of time. He is always with me at every step of my life.”

Concluding the post, Saira Banu added, “Reflecting on the love we shared, I think about the time and place where I recall how I couldn't resist the opportunity to plant a peck on his cheek. There was one particular moment when Dilip Sahib whistled, and immediately after, I placed my lips on his right cheek. In that moment, I truly wished I could have captured the sound of his whistle to replay it whenever possible, to feel his closeness. Dilip Sahib has been an iconic guiding light not only for me but for all those generations who have been inspired by his gracious presence and romantic personality. Dilip Sahib endures forever... May God always keep him in His love and blessings. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.”

Check It Out: 

Saira Banu often adds such anecdotes from her life, and it has its own niche fanbase on Instagram. People wait for the legendary star to share such cute and adorable moments from her life. We are thankful that a medium is connecting us to the stars of yesteryear. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films

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