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Salaar Ceasefire Kannada trailer – Netizens all praise for Vasishta N Simha’s dubbing for Prabhas

Vasishta N Simha’s baritone almost matches Prabhas’ voice, so much so that several netizens first thought that the Rebel Star had dubbed for the Kannada version 

Salaar Ceasefire Kannada trailer – Netizens all praise for Vasishta N Simha’s dubbing for Prabhas
Netizens initially thought that Prabhas had dubbed in Kannada too

Last Updated: 09.35 PM, Dec 01, 2023


The Kannada dubbed version of the Salaar Ceasefire trailer dropped a good half an hour after the original Telugu one, and one thing that emerged among the barrage of comments about it is the dubbing quality. While some thought that Prabhas had dubbed for the Kannada version, it soon emerged that the vocal talent was that of actor Vasishta N Simha.


It had been reported earlier that Vasishta would dub for Prabhas, but no one from the team had confirmed the same. The actor, though, has done a stellar job in the dubbing department, matching Prabhas’ voice and giving the Kannada version of the trailer the much-needed gravitas. “Benki” was the word that most netizens used to describe Vasishta’s dubbing. “ Incidentally, way back in 2021, a netizen had tweeted to Karthik Gowda, former executive producer at Hombale Films and founder KRG Studios, to use Vasishta for the Kannada dubbing. 

“Best Kannada dubbing to date. Best part was Vasishta Simha voice for #Prabhas and @PrithviOfficial dubbing for himself in Kannada as well,” wrote one user. “Prabhas’ dialogues are clearer in the Kannada version than in Telugu,” added another. A third chimed in, “Prabhas voice in Kannada is even better than original Telugu version..Whoever has done hattsoff...” A fourth wrote, “Vashishta Simha voice in kannada dubbing 🔥🔥”. “Vashishta Simha voice sakathage match agtaithe Prabhas ge,” was another comment.

Prabhas in Salaar
Prabhas in Salaar

The trailer of director Prashant Neel’s latest, though, has Kannada audiences crying themselves hoarse that it is the Ugramm remake after all, while others found it similar to KGF in its treatment. The film, meanwhile, is being released in two parts, with the first, Ceasefire set to be in theatres on December 22, setting up a box office clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki. It was initially thought that Prabhas would have the upper hand in the south, with Shah Rukh dominating the north, Salaar’s prospects in Karnataka now appear a tad dimmer than it was before.

Prabhas in Salaar
Prabhas in Salaar

Bookings for the film are set to open on December 15, at which point it will become clearer whether Kannada audiences will desert it in favour of an Ugramm rewatch or see what Prashant has done with the story armed with a much bigger budget and star cast.

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