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Salaar Part 2 Shauryanga Parvam - What to expect from the sequel to Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran's actioner

The first installment of Salaar ends on a high note, leaving viewers curious about the many possibilities for the sequel

Salaar Part 2 Shauryanga Parvam - What to expect from the sequel to Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran's actioner

All you need to know about Salaar Part 2 

Last Updated: 08.21 PM, Dec 22, 2023


Has it become fashionable for every second director to announce two-part film franchises, with the excuse that the characters in their universe justify a bigger space? While films like KGF, Ponniyin Selvan, Baahubali and Pushpa (whose second part releases in 2024) genuinely merited a second part, the same cannot be said about most films releasing in two installments.

When the makers of Salaar too confirmed that the Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer would be made in two parts many months ago, one wondered about its genuine necessity. Yet, after watching the action drama in theatres today, you realise there’s enough meat and complexity in the setup, interpersonal relationships and conflicts for a second part.

Spoilers ahead...

While Salaar - Part 1 Ceasefire unfolds with the perception that Deva (Prabhas) goes all out to destroy the power hierarchies in Khansaar for his childhood friend Varada (Prithviraj), a juicy twist about the former’s identity in the climactic sequence turns the film on its head. What’s in store for Khansaar, especially when Deva realises that there’s a bigger purpose to his fight beyond friendship?


Decoding Salaar - Part 2 Shauryanga Parvam

Much like folklore sagas, borrowing fairly from the Mahabharata and the intricacies of the Games of Thrones universe, Salaar is about the power struggle within the family. Everyone believes in their right to the throne, backed by muscle power and strategy. While the first part is largely about friendship and Deva’s promise to Varada, the focus is expected to be on the family drama in the latter.

With Deva emerging as the messiah of the underprivileged Shauryanga clan, Prashanth Neel has a strong reason to root for him. Despite the injustice meted out to his family and his clan, Deva is quite aware that he can’t harm his friend Varada. Torn between friendship, family and redemption, the conflict in Salaar Part 2 Shauryanga Parvam will be meatier.

In the upcoming installment, one can expect sequences where Deva’s mother gives her son a deeper context about their roots. The conflict between Deva and Varada’s father, Raja Mannar, is likely to take centre stage, giving yet another reason for the bosom friends to part ways. Yet, as it is obvious from the present-day scenario, Deva still helps Varada become the king.

What ultimately forces Deva and his mother to live in disguise? How will Varada react to Deva’s counterattack? What connects Krishnakanth and his daughter Aadhya to Khansaar and why is Obulamma after their family? After understanding Deva’s past, Aadya is gradually seen falling for him in the first part. Their relationship is expected to progress in the sequel, too.

The likes of Garuda Ram, Brahmaji, Devraj, and Bobby Simha will get a chance to showcase their mettle in the second part as well. Prabhas and Prithviraj, in their promotional interview, stated that the ending of the sequel is one of the major highlights of the story. Prashanth Neel further added that the beginning of the first part and the ending of the second part will end in the same frame.

Salaar Part 2 Shauryanga Parvam is expected to take off in 2025, once Prashanth Neel wraps up his film with Jr NTR and Prabhas finishes shooting for Kalki 2898 AD and director Maruthi’s horror comedy.

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