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Salaar teaser: Ugramm remake theory gains traction yet again among fans

The fleeting glimpse of Prabhas in the teaser has convinced fans that he’s playing Sriimurali’s character from director Prashant Neel’s debut film

Salaar teaser: Ugramm remake theory gains traction yet again among fans
Netizens are pointing out similarities between Sriimurali's Agastya from Ugramm and Prabhas' Salaar

Last Updated: 11.43 AM, Jul 07, 2023


Is Salaar the remake of director Prashant Neel’s debut film Ugramm? That’s a question that’s been doing the rounds since Hombale Films announced their latest collaboration with the filmmaker. Leaked images from the set seemed to point in that direction and then, music director Ravi Basrur was also asked this and his answer was that “This is something everyone knows (that Salaar is indeed a remake.”

Multiple sources attached to the project that OTTplay spoke to have also confirmed this, although, they added that Salaar is not a scene-by-scene retelling. Prashant has not only updated the script of his 2014 debut, but has also upped its scale multifold, given that Hombale Films is backing it. Ugramm, on the other hand, was a film that he produced himself with great difficulty, over a span of several years. “There will be new characters and story-telling is much bigger,” said a source.

Even though there have been direct confirmations, speculation surrounding this theory does the rounds every now and then and it is happening yet again, now that the Salaar ‘teaser’ is out. Take, for instance, Vedanth Gowda, who has posted two snapshots of Prabhas from the teaser, one of him holding a gun in each hand and another of a backshot with the actor wearing a gun holster. This was his explanation, “Salaar is updated version of ugramm for sure. Pic 1: left hand is covered in similar way agastya used to cover. Pic 2: we can clearly see a tattoo on the left hand How many of you think this is a climax scene where agastya attacked to rescue Nithya ?🤔 #SalaarTeaser.”

Prashant Shetty adds, “Ugramm was supposed to have a sequel called Ugramm Veeram. Salaar could still just be a remake being released in two parts”, while another user wrote, “From my assumption, Salaar will be ugramm updated version where teaser glimpse was the climax action scene.”

Several netizens echoed the same thoughts and said that if Salaar is indeed a better version of Ugramm, it would make for a good theatrical outing. There were a few who said that Salaar will have a KGF connect, given that a shot from the post-credit scene of the Yash film was in Salaar’s teaser. Is it, perhaps, that Prashant has set Salaar in Narachi, as against Mughor in the original?

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