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Sandeep Raj says Anger Tales director Prabhala Tilak was a key pillar behind the success of Colour Photo

Sandeep Raj, Prabhala Tilak have been frequent collaborators and both their careers took off at the popular infotainment portal Chai Bisket

Sandeep Raj says Anger Tales director Prabhala Tilak was a key pillar behind the success of Colour Photo
Sandeep Raj, director of Colour Photo

Last Updated: 10.48 AM, Mar 08, 2023


Colour Photo, the national-award winning Telugu film, helmed by Sandeep Raj, changed the lens through which mainstream cinema portrayed love, while touching upon patriarchy, racism, classism, challenging the idea of skindeep beauty. Director Prabhala Tilak, well known for his short film Kalakaarudu and who’s making his OTT debut with Anger Tales, was one of the key members in the writing/direction team.


Sandeep Raj spoke about his good friend Prabhala Tilak at the pre-release event of Anger Tales on Tuesday. “I and Nithin (Prabhala Tilak) worked on a web series and I can also say he played a very instrumental role in many crucial sequences of Colour Photo. If we equate a film to a dish and need to seek an opinion on its taste after the preparation, we reach out to him.”

Prabhala Tilak, Suhas and Sandeep Raj all began their careers with short films at Chai Bisket and have played an integral role in furthering each other’s prospects in the industry. While Tilak assisted Sandeep Raj on Colour Photo, Suhas played the lead role in it. Suhas was also the lead actor in the former’s short film Kalakaarudu and is now co-producing Anger Tales along with his friend Sridhar.

“I can say with confidence that Anger Tales will be among the best shows in the Telugu streaming space. Tilak executed it much better than he had said. I felt the narration was weak (laughs). The segment on Radha (Bindu Madhavi’s short) blew me away and Tilak went out of his comfort zone for Tharun Bhascker’s short in terms of the aesthetics. Phani Acharya did a fabulous job too.”

The filmmaker said Tilak could even make a feature film by expanding the short on Ranga in Anger Tales, starring Venkatesh Maha and Suhas and suggested casting the same actors in it as well. “There’s a lot in it to please the masses in the heartlands of Telugu states,” he shared. Sandeep Raj recently wrote the thriller Mukhachitram as well.

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