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Sandhya Mridul on romantic scenes with Naseeruddin Shah in Taj: Even if there was a little discomfort during the scene, he used to just joke

Naseeruddin Shah and Sandhya Mridul play Emperor Akbar and Jodha Bai in Taj: Divided by Blood.

Sandhya Mridul on romantic scenes with Naseeruddin Shah in Taj: Even if there was a little discomfort during the scene, he used to just joke
Sandhya Mridul in Taj: Divided by Blood

Last Updated: 10.04 AM, Mar 03, 2023


Sandhya Mridul has done well in Bollywood movies, whether she was kissing a female co-star or shooting bad guys. Talking about the same, she told ETimes that this sounds great. So she works little and always changes her avatar.

The actor who is known for her bold and attractive roles is back with another interesting character. Sandhya's new web series, Taj: Divided by Blood, was another experiment for her.

When the entertainment portal asked her the reason, she said that in these 15-20 years, she will wait and take her time and not repeat the character she portrays so that people can see her in a new avatar. Creating a new avatar brings her joy, and doing the same thing will dull and demotivate her. Sandy likes having different avatars, and she values variety over superiority.

Sandhya plays Jodha Bai, a royal, in the period drama. She said the character will show more emotion this time, and her deeper bond with Salim and Akbar reveals her humanity. Jodha was polite, caring, and fearless. Akbar trusted her guidance, and Sandhya says the public will witness Jodha's relationships here.

The actor has always played any role with grace and conviction, including older roles. She played a mother in Nikkhil Advani's film and also in Angry Indian Goddesses, but not to such an older guy; he is a grown-up man and not really a boy. The actor wouldn't lose the part because she didn't seem old enough. Sandy doesn't care, and she will play anyone's grandmother if the role is excellent.

Sandhya revealed that in Tandav, Ali Abbas Zafar told her they were casting Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore, the older woman. Given that she is not age-restricted, she asked him to play the character and age her.

Naseeruddin Shah plays Akbar and Sandhya Jodha in Taj. Sandhya feels lucky to have worked with the veteran actor, as many do. She shared that, without pushing, Naseeruddin always improves his co-star. He wants people to succeed without saying anything. In his company, one always strives to perform better.

Sandhya added that Akbar and Jodha share a good camaraderie; they both have warmth between them, and they are lovers. Akbar seeks guidance from Jodha, his friend. They have warmth but not sexuality, and the viewers will notice a wonderful relationship between them.

She worked well with Naseeruddin. He constantly joked when she came in front of him about whether she even aged. They don't have many romantic scenes, and he loved me but always joked. Sandhya shares the senior actor's wit. He joked, even if the scenario seemed uncomfortable. He said that she should gray her hair and can play his daughter. They laughed at his comments and made his co-star feel at ease, so there was no awkwardness.

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