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Sanki Aashiq, Muhnochani and more - 5 Haryanvi web series to watch on Stage app

If you are in the mood for some thrilling web series then check out Sanki Aashiq, Dhaakad Chhoriyaan, Muhnochani, among others on Stage app and OTTplay premium as well

Sanki Aashiq, Muhnochani and more - 5 Haryanvi web series to watch on Stage app

Poster images of Thara Fufa Zinda Hai, Muhnochani and Dhaakad Choriyaan

Last Updated: 07.21 PM, Apr 16, 2024


Want to watch original content made in your regional language Haryanvi? Then we have curated a list of five intense Haryanvi drama web series that are sure to leave a mark on your psyche. From exploring the intensity of love in Sanki Ashiq to witnessing girl power in Dhaakad Chhoriyaan, these are the five web series that are available to stream on the Stage app and OTTplay premium as well.

Thrilling web series to stream on Stage

Thara Fufa Zinda Hai

Director: Sanjay Bhasin

Cast: Sunil Chitkara, Sonu Silan and Indu Phogat

Helmed by Sanjay Bhasin, Thara Fufa Zinda Hai   starring Sunil Chitkara, Sonu Silan, and Indu Phogat, among others is a comedy-drama series where a man fights death and comes back to life. The series chronicles the chaos that unfolds after this sudden miracle takes place, including the fight against the administration to prove his existence.

Sanki Aashiq

Director: Sonu Verma

Cast: Vikram Malik, Jitu Singh and Rohit Sangwan

Sanki Aashiq explores the themes of love, loss and sacrifice with this complex portrayal of a love triangle. Helmed by Sonu Verma, the series centers around the life of a young lover who loses his sanity after his beloved refuses to marry him. How he deals with his insanity and avenges his heartbreak forms the plotline of the series.


Director: Dhruv Sankhala

Cast: Praful Borana, Neha Aaswani and Bharat Vaishnav

Muhnochani tells the story of a local village that is haunted by a spirit. As the spirit’s powers keep increasing, the local villagers plan to get rid of it. How the ghost stays away from the clutches of the villagers by controlling their minds becomes the storyline of the series. Helmed by Dhruv Sankhala, the series features Praful Borana, Neha Aaswani and Bharat Vaishnav in pivotal roles.

Bad Boys Bhiwani

Director: Hariom Kaushik

Cast: Manish Bishla, Vipan Malawat

Exploring themes of love, loss and sacrifice, Bad Boys Bhiwani chronicles the rivalry between two gangs in Bhiwani whose actions affect the lives of the locals. Marked with action sequences and powerful performances, bad Boys Bhiwani is a must watch on our list.

Dhaakad Chhoriyaan

Director: Rajeev Bhatia

Cast: Rakhi Lohchab, Nisha Sharma, Sejal Mehta, Vandana Bhatia

How a group of college girls forget about their rivalry and fight against power, corruption and injustice in the administration is the storyline of Dhaakad Chhoriyaan. Featuring an intense storyline with powerful performances, Dhaakad Chhoriyaan is a must watch to witness the strength of girl power.

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