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Sasi Madhanam trailer - The Pawan Sidhu, Sonia Singh series has a relatable premise and is good fun

Sasi Madhanam is ETV Win's latest series, which has Pawan Sidhu and Sonia Singh in lead roles. The series will be out on June 4, 2024. 

Sasi Madhanam trailer - The Pawan Sidhu, Sonia Singh series has a relatable premise and is good fun


Last Updated: 02.03 PM, Jun 18, 2024


ETV Win is ready with its new show, Sasi Madhanam, which will stream on July 4, 2024. The makers have released the trailer and it looks like a lot of fun. Pawan Sidhu and Sonia Singh play the lead pair in this comedy caper. The trailer showcases the couple sending their respective parents on a holiday and living together.

Hell breaks loose when the parents of the girl come back and spoil their plans. How the couple escapes this crazy situation is the basic story of the series. Sonia Singh looks beautiful and suits her perfectly. The comedy timing between the lead pair is amazing and the manner in which the stories of the lead pair have been designed looks a lot of fun.

Sasi Madanam poster
Sasi Madanam poster

The manner in which the couple cheats on their parents and tries to sneak in and enjoy some cosy time together is showcased in a very funny manner. Winod Gali has directed this series and his talent is shown in the way he has designed the promo and set the backdrop without making it look bold or vulgar.

Pawan and Sonia are a very popular couple on YouTube. They have made several short films together. Now, they have gone a step further and teamed up for a web series. Their chemistry and screen presence look lovely in the trailer. Sonia Singh plays Shashi, and Pawan Sidhu is seen as Madhan Sasi Madhanam, which is going to be a fun ride, as per the promo.

Sree Vishnu launches Sasi Madhanam trailer
Sree Vishnu launches Sasi Madhanam trailer

Speaking about the series, director Vinod Gali says that Sasimadhanam is a light-hearted romantic drama that today's youth will relate to big time. Sanjeeth Red Milli composed the music for this web series, whereas Rehan Sheikh is the cinematographer.

For Pawan Sidhu, Sasi Madhanam is a big series, as the success of the show will consolidate his position in the industry. Sasimadhanam was supposed to stream in May 2024 but was postponed at the last minute. Now that the streaming date has been locked for July 4, 2024, we need to see how the show fares when it comes out. Watch this space for more.

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