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Satyadev: GodFather will be a celebration for Chiranjeevi fans, he made me feel very comfortable on sets

The Godse, Locked actor shares his experiences of acting alongside his on-screen idol in the political drama

Satyadev: GodFather will be a celebration for Chiranjeevi fans, he made me feel very comfortable on sets
Satyadev Kancharana
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 12.09 PM, Sep 28, 2022


Satyadev, whose vigilante drama Godse hit theatres earlier this year, is gearing up for his next big release. The actor, who has always claimed to be a Chiranjeevi-fan, acted alongside his idol with the political drama directed by Mohan Raja. The film, that'll release in Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu simultaneously on October 5, also features Nayanthara, Salman Khan, Sunil, Puri Jagannadh in crucial roles. Ahead of Godfather's release, Satyadev spoke to the media earlier this week.

"Chiranjeevi had invited me for lunch during a shoot of his film. When I went there, I was surprised when he began narrating a story. I didn't imagine this even in the wildest of my dreams. I am a huge Chiru fan and I was too humbled to speak anything. In the middle of the narration, he'd even asked, 'Am I narrating the story well? Or do you want to hear it from the director? I told I'll do anything that he says. I can't think twice when Chiranjeevi asks me," he remembers how Godfather materialised.

However, it was on the sets of the film that the actor got to explore the depths of the role. "Chiranjeevi was full of praise for my performance and I've adored him since childhood. It was the love for Chiru that brought me to films. Sometimes, I was too conscious of his presence, but he made me feel very comfortable. Even after his shot was done, he stayed by my side and gave me confidence. I hope I've lived up to the faith he had in my abilities," Satyadev mentions. 

The shoot, as much as it was memorable, went on smoothly because of the precision in Lakshmi Bhupal's writing the directorial vision of Mohan Raja. "The director is very cool on the sets, ever-smiling and he never felt burdened with the prospect of handling so many stars. I asked if there's any tension hiding beneath his smile and he yet again smiled in response. Jokes apart, he has immense clarity and command over his job. I play a stylish, power-hungry part and he designed it to perfection," he states.

It has taken him a decade to earn an offer like GodFather. "If people label this an overnight success,it took me nearly 9-10 years to arrive here. Many Fridays contributed to my journey and brought me this far. I want to take solo-lead roles, yes, but I won't let go of a well-written characters. If the character excites me, I am ready to take up any opportunity that comes my way," Satyadev adds.

GodFather will have many highs for Chiru fans - Satyadev says the 14-minute action sequence during the climax is the icing on the cake. The actor also mentions that Salman Khan was a jolly-good, easy-going and a happy man on the sets. Meanwhile, the 'Locked' actor's upcoming releases include Gurtunda Seethakaalam, Krishnamma and Ram Setu. He is also working on a film each with Sharan Koppishetty and Eshwar Karthic. "I am eager to act with Daali Dhananjaya and looking forward to the shoot," he signs off.