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SatyaPrem Ki Katha: Kartik Aaryan is 'high on love' with the response to the trailer for Kiara Advani and his film

The whole team of SatyaPrem Ki Katha met up at the filmmaker, Sajid Nadiadwala's house.

SatyaPrem Ki Katha: Kartik Aaryan is 'high on love' with the response to the trailer for Kiara Advani and his film
Team SatyaPrem Ki Katha (Courtesy: Kartik Aaryan)

Last Updated: 11.15 AM, Jun 06, 2023


As expected, the internet is in an uproar over the release of the trailer for SatyaPrem Ki Katha, praising its "soulful, musical, and romantic" qualities. The team behind the film apparently couldn't contain their joy after the trailer's successful release.

The trailer for Satyaprem Ki Katha premiered on Monday, and people are quite excited to see it. The team met at the home of producer Sajid Nadiadwala to toast the film's success and the overwhelming response to the teaser. Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, Sajid Nadiadwala's wife Wardha Nadiadwala, co-producers Shareen Mantri and Kishor Arora, and writer Karan Sharma were all present for the trailer's success party.

In an Instagram post, Kartik Aaryan, who plays love interest Satyaprem, says, "I couldn’t sleep last night because of nervousness and didn’t sleep today because of happiness. High on Love (sic)"

The trailer promises that, after a long hiatus, viewers will finally be treated to an unadulterated love story on the big screen. It features the sizzling chemistry of one of everyone's favourite on-screen couples, Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani, and the internet went wild as they worked their magic.

The trailer for Satyaprem Ki Katha begins with Kartik's character, Satyaprem (Sattu), of Gujarati descent, inquiring as to Kiara's (Katha's) single status. He informs her that he will wait for her if she isn't serious with her apparent lover. The two meet, fall in love, and get married, but what occurs during or after the ceremony is left a mystery. Their love story appears to have tragically ended, leaving both parties heartbroken. Satyaprem is commonly portrayed as being the son of Gajrao Rao and Supriya Pathak.

The production of Satyaprem Ki Katha is a major joint effort between NGE and Namah Pictures. The feature films of Sajid Nadiadwala and Shareen Mantri Kedia, Kishor Arora, and Sameer Vidwans, as well as those of director Sameer Vidwans, all won national prizes. On June 29 this year, Satyaprem Ki Katha will be released in theatres.

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