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Saudi Vellakka producers trusted my vision when others wanted me to helm superstar film: Tharun Moorthy | Exclusive

Saudi Vellakka director Tharun Moorthy talks about delivering two back-to-back hits without any stars

Saudi Vellakka producers trusted my vision when others wanted me to helm superstar film: Tharun Moorthy | Exclusive
Tharun Moorthy and Devi Varma

Last Updated: 08.59 AM, Jan 06, 2023


With his first two directorials Opertion Java and Saudi Vellakka, Malayalam director Tharun Moorthy has already proved that content is the true superstar. Both his movies didn’t have any big stars, but still worked well in theatres and were critically acclaimed as well.

While Balu Varghese and Lukman Avaran led the cast of Operation Java, it was debutant Devi Varma who spearheaded Saudi Vellakka, which is currently streaming on Sony LIV. In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, Tharun opened up about how much confidence these successes lend him as a director.

“I have always believed that if what we have on paper is not strong enough, no matter what gimmicks you pull off in terms of casting, editing or cinematographing, it won’t work. I always tell my team to not believe that a movie will work in the name of its technicians or cast; it will only be convincing to the audience if what we have in our script – including the arcs of each character – is solid. In both my films, I could do that,” he says.


The filmmaker also points out that the producers of both these films also had a major role to play. “I could get producers who understood my conviction and stood by me. If it wasn’t for Urvashi Theatres and Sandip Senan, Saudi Vellakka would never have happened. Everyone wanted the director of Operation Java to do a superstar film next, but they wanted me to do a film that I wanted and supported me,” he says.

A still from Saudi Vellakka
A still from Saudi Vellakka

While Operation Java shed light on unemployment and cybercrimes, Saudi Vellakka provided awareness on the number of legal cases pending for verdicts. Ask him if it’s the real-world problems that appeal to him the most while choosing his scripts and he says, “That so many cases were pending was hugely shocking for me, personally. My first priority, while doing a movie, is to entertain the audience. But if I can also provide some food for thought or a new information for the price of the movie ticket they pay, it does help. In Operation Java too, though it’s a thriller and tells the story of temporary jobs, it also provides awareness about cybercrimes.”

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