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Sayantika Banerjee clears the air about her marriage

Sayantika Banerjee says she will focus more on her acting career and be kinder to herself  

Sayantika Banerjee clears the air about her marriage
Sayantika Banerjee

Last Updated: 10.11 PM, Mar 19, 2024


Actress Sayantika Banerjee has been making headlines after the candidate list of the parliament election was declared. She contested as the TMC candidate in the 2021 assembly election from Bankura but lost the seat. But Sayantika did not leave Bankura. She claimed that she regularly visited Bankura in the last two years. She hoped that she would get a ticket in the parliament. 

However, contrary to Sayantika’s expectations, the party gave the ticket to Arup Chakraborty, the MLA from Taldyangra. Then Sayantika expressed her displeasure several times. It was rumored that she would leave the TMC. However, this is not true. Now, another rumor is on the air that Sayantika is getting married. The time before the election is extremely busy. Did Sayantika get any new responsibilities? How is her schedule? 

Recently, Sayantika took to social media to counter an alleged ‘fake news’ of her marriage. In an interview, she said that she is taking a rest and doesn’t have time to think about marriage. “I did not take a rest for the last two years. I used to regularly go to Bankura. I thought my life would be spent on the four-wheelers. My body went through lots of hassles, hence I am taking care of myself, my health, body, and skin. I have been a bit kinder to myself. Now the candidate list is declared. I worked at the grassroots level. The rest will be done by the candidates,” she said. 

A glimpse of Sayantika Banerjee's Instagram story
A glimpse of Sayantika Banerjee's Instagram story

Since she did not get a ticket, will that create a distance between her and Bankura? Sayantika said, “Not much. I will go there tomorrow if needed. But I concentrated more on politics in the last two years. It hampered my films. I did not come to politics after learning everything. Hence it was taking time to understand everything. I was also going with a goal, and hence I worked a lot.’ But it is rumored that she is marrying. Sayantika said ‘I did not have time to find a boy in the last two years. I will inform everyone if I marry. I don’t believe in hiding. People rumor many things.” 

There are some speculations about her alleged relationship with the Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan. Sayantika expressed her displeasure, “We have a good relationship. We worked together. But some people are spreading rumors about this. I don’t pay attention to them. You will know if I marry.” 

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