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SCOOP: Has the release of 'The Kerala Story' been postponed? Here’s what we know

The film has been scheduled to be released tomorrow (June 5) all over

SCOOP: Has the release of 'The Kerala Story' been postponed? Here’s what we know
Still from the film 'The Kerala Story'

Last Updated: 02.33 PM, May 05, 2023


Since the last few days, the Adah Sharma starrer film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been ‘trending’ all over, for many reasons than one. Firstly, it’s the claim that the makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ had made in the film’s trailer. For the unversed, the makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ had claimed that as many as 32,000 girls from Kerala had gone missing from the state in order to join the terrorist group. But, after the uproar that erupted after the film’s trailer and the description on social media, the makers then tweaked the description. The ‘modified’ update of the ‘description’ on social media now reads as ‘three girls’ instead of 32,000. Amidst all this, there were many organizations which offered prizes in lakhs and crores, if at all anyone can substantiate the claim that the film’s makers had done in regard to the ‘original claim of 32,000 girls having gone missing from Kerala’.


A source close to the film spoke to OTTplay exclusively and gave us an inside scoop. The source told that, keeping in mind the ongoing controversies about the film, the release date of ‘The Kerala Story’ MAY just get postponed. The source added that, even though there is a big speculation which is happening about the film’s release date, chances are bright for the film being postponed, although one cannot be doubly sure about the same.

When we reached out to the film’s director, Vipul Shah to get to know the ‘real picture’, our calls went unanswered. Attempts to reach the film’s heroine Adah Sharma also did not yield any result as her phone was switched off at the time of filing this story. Post that, we tried to reach the film’s publicity manager. When we asked him about the truth behind the buzz about the film being postponed, he replied back saying, “No... the film’s release is very much on track, and we are sticking to the schedule as planned. And, as a matter of fact, the press screening of the film is being held today in Mumbai”.

As for the film, ‘The Kerala Story’, besides Adah Sharma, the film also stars Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani. Watch this space for developments.

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