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Scream Stream: Why Dead Silence is unsuitable for kids but a must-watch for horror fanatics

Stream the 2007 supernatural horror film on Amazon Prime Video.

Scream Stream: Why Dead Silence is unsuitable for kids but a must-watch for horror fanatics

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  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 06.44 PM, Oct 23, 2022

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The plot of the 2007 supernatural horror film matches many scary movies as it includes a curse, a ghost and dark history behind all of this. However, Dead Silence still makes one of the best scary movies ever as it also has multiple gory sequences, a psycho puppet master, and her adamant oath of revenge. 

Mary Shaw, a psycho ventriloquist converts a kid into a doll after he uncovers her trick during her puppet show. To not get this done to anyone else, a member of the Ashen family kills her and cuts her throat as well. Gory! yes. However, before dying she curses his whole family and decides that she would never let anyone from that family ever live. 

Years pass and a young man named Jamie Ashen receives a peculiar doll named Billy in a parcel. His pregnant wife keeps it in their bedroom even after her husband's opposition. Little did she know, it has come to her to finally end the last member of the Ashen family and that's why it takes her life that night.

To find out how his wife died, Jamie opens up the whole parcel to learn that it's connected to his home town. He lands at his father's doorstep to go deep into the matter. He starts investigating the whole curse, meanwhile, he also meets his new stepmother at his dad's place, who turns out to be the one and only Mary Shaw.

One of the best parts of Dead Silence is it doesn't go into preaching about how good vs evil is or doesn't even display a church or priest angle to kill the devil. In fact, it showcases how Mary Shaw completes her revenge and actually quashes the whole existence of the Ashen family.

Another great (horrific) angle in the movie is the presence of multiple creepy dolls. Mary likes to keep all her enemies closer after killing and making them into talking puppets. 

Unlike, most films, Dead Silence ends with Mary's revenge as she makes each and every member of the Ashen family her precious puppet.

The scenes including bloodshed and violence as well as the horrifying plot make it extremely scary and certainly unsuitable for kids. However, it's a gem of a movie for horror fanatics.

Stream Dead Silence on Amazon Prime Video.

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