Scream Stream: Why The Rocky Horror Picture Show will remain iconic in horror-musical forever
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Scream Stream: Why The Rocky Horror Picture Show will remain iconic in horror-musical

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, released in 1975, is still considered to be one of the greatest films of all time. The musical-horror, featuring Tim Curry in the lead role, can be enjoyed on YouTube premium currently.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 03, 2021
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What does it take to scare people? Music? Costumes? Sound? Cinematography? An evil presence? A strong backstory? A little magic? The Rocky Horror Picture Show has all of the elements present in the required quantity, thus making it one of the greatest films of all time.

This movie has struck the right chord between horror and musical, a feat very few can manage to achieve in today's times. Introduced as a musical, this film suddenly takes a horrific turn, keeping you gripped throughout.

The Rocky Horror Picture is the story of a couple who are stuck in an abandoned house in order to find temporary shelter. Sounds too familiar? It is not. The couple is not alone. In fact, they enter the house in the middle of a party, hosted by an eccentric transexual scientist named Frank-N-Further. Thereon, their life-changing story begins.

Frank is the scariest part of the iconic film.

Like you would have guessed, Frank leads the movie. He has a command over every person in his house. They are all his science experiments, rather his own creations. His close servant is almost a replica of Frankenstein. He likes to stay around them for his own benefit. Furthermore, Frank enjoys each and every person in the house, whether they like it or not. He has the power to deceive them and uses that power to his fullest potential. If that thought doesn't scare you, nothing will.

The movie, helmed by Jim Sharman, is edited brilliantly. He manages to show Frank as sensual by simply focusing on either his lips or lovemaking inside a pond. If not that, then Frank expresses his desires in the form of a song. Most of the movie continues in that way, till Frank decides to take some action, sometimes in the middle of a song. When that happens, be rest assured, you will get goosebumps when you see the unexpected come alive.

What makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show so intriguing?

Firstly, it has a scientist who loves dressing up as a trans. Unlike the stereotype, this scientist enjoys having parties, moreso with his creations. Of course, he is more than welcome to anybody joining the party - human or otherwise - because the more the merrier.

Secondly, Frank is unpredictable. He is a genius scientist who wishes to live a normal life but the one controlled by him at all times. The constant struggle actually builds up for a pretty strong plot and thus makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show a must watch.

A movie that has all elements needed in a film.

The 1970s film has drama, action, romance, music, horror and thrill in perfect proportions. You can actually feel the scare through the scenes and stay connected to the story all at the same time owing to that balance.

A strong backstory.

While you are a part of the mad world and confusion and scares ensue, soon enough you also get to know the backstory of Frank and why he is who he is. It is as though director Jim Sharman created two stories and beautifully combined them into a film. He gives a fitting ending to the bizarre yet sensible world.

The legend of Tim Curry.

Tim Curry has made a name for himself by doing horror films. Apart from playing Frank in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he is actually the original It. Back in 1990, he played the scary character in a TV series. Now, It has become a movie franchise and a popular one in the horror genre.

The legacy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show continues.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, initially made as a parody to the horror films in the 1920-1930s, has become quite iconic today. It set the base of inspiration for many horror films. A couple entering an abandoned house has become a common plot for many horror films today but there is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which takes you through the journey of a mad scientist and explains why he turned out to be the bizarre and scary character. Such a story hasn't been explored in a horror movie for so long and definitely, none of the recent films have come close to the emotions The Rocky Horror Picture Show takes you through.

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