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Shaakuntalam: From being bitten by rabbit to flower allergy, Samantha reveals 5 'crazy' deets from sets

The film, starring Samantha and Dev Mohan, is all set to hit screens on April 14

Shaakuntalam:  From being bitten by rabbit to flower allergy, Samantha reveals 5 'crazy' deets from sets
Samantha in Shaakuntalam
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Last Updated: 01.26 PM, Apr 10, 2023

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Samantha's much-awaited mythological drama Shaakuntalam is all set to hit screens on April 14. The film, which is based on Kalidasa's Abhignyana Shakuntalam, features Samantha as Shakuntala and Dev Mohan as King Dushyantha. The drama is directed by Gunasekhar.

 With just a few days to go for the release, Shaakuntalam's leading lady Samantha, has been going out of her way promoting the film. In a whacky promotion of sorts, the actress revealed five crazy tidbits from the sets that no one knows.

Samantha had a flower allergy
Samantha revealed that she had to wear ornaments made out of flowers on her arm and neck and developed an allergy from it. "I shot all day without any complaints, and then in the evening, the imprint of the flower was all over my arm. I sort of had a flower tattoo on my arm for six months. I thought it was permanent, because no one was able to fix it. I would put makeup on top. Eventually, it went away."

Samantha dubbed in three languages
Samantha dubbed in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi for the film. She said, "I don't know how other actors do it. It was so tough. I was delivering dialogues in my sleep. I hope I have done justice to the job."

Samantha was bitten by a rabbit
Yes, Samantha was indeed bitten by a bunny! "They are not so cute apparently." she said with a chuckle.

Samantha's lehenga weighed 30 kg!
You read that right! Samantha had to wear some heavy-duty costumes for the film. Talking about how the lehenga would often take her out of the frame, Samantha said, "So Neeta Lulla ma'am had made some of the most beautiful costumes for Shaakuntalam. There was this song where I had to wear a beautiful lehenga. She had kept the dancing in mind and hence, made some lehengas lighter and some heavier, (like 30 kgs kinda heavyI). But what was meant to be for the song, didn't really happen, and I ended up wearing a 30 kg lehenga for the dance.

She added, "When I was spinning, the lehenga would often take me out of my frame. My choreographer Raju sir would shout, 'can't you stay in the frame', and I would say, 'I tried, but the lehenga is taking me out of the frame. We had to take 10 to 15 takes because of that.

Her hair in the film is not real
"No points for guessing this one. That's not my real hair," she said.