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Shah Rukh Khan asks ‘How to fire myself?’ to a fan angry with Dunki and Jawan marketing – This #AskSRK is gold

Shah Rukh Khan is back with an #AskSRK session and as usual, it comes with a lot of fun  

Shah Rukh Khan asks ‘How to fire myself?’ to a fan angry with Dunki and Jawan marketing – This #AskSRK is gold
Shah Rukh Khan

Last Updated: 07.18 PM, Dec 27, 2023


While the world is busy promoting their content with numerous interviews, country tours, and reels on Instagram, all Shah Rukh Khan has to do is come live on X (formerly called Twitter) and do an #AskSRK session for his fans, and the promotions are done. The star, who is right now on the big screen for Dunki, has taken to his official X handle today and announced an #AskSRK session. While love was pouring and hearts were melting, a couple of people, unaware of King Khan’s wit, asked some interesting questions. And his answers were, as usual, gold. 

In the latest #AskSRK session, Shah Rukh Khan was answering pre-Dunki release questions and fans had a whole lot of them. While the questions were indeed interesting, the one that caught our attention was that from a fan who was angry with the marketing strategy of Dunki and Jawan. The user advised SRK to fire anyone who is working on it at Red Chillies. But Shah Rukh, being Shah Rukh, had a funny answer ready. 

The question read, “HOPE YOU READ IT. Sir, we have seen worst marketing for Jawan and Dunki. Please hire some skilled employees in @RedChilliesEnt.” To this Shah Rukh replied, “Main hi marketing karta hoon. How to fire myself!!” 

Another interesting question read, “How do you not react when you see nonsense written about you? Before it was magazines and news, but now everyone has an opinion? Does it affect u or u are unbothered? #AskSRK”

Replying to this in his King style, Shah Rukh Khan wrote, “Ha ha u have heard the saying ‘opinions are like ____s, everyone has one!’ I work on belief not on opinions my friend. #Dunki.” 

One user asked, “Your English is so good that even your fans needs to open a dictionary for your words. Why did Rajkumar Hirani sir choose you for this role??” King Khan replied, “Same reason that my romance is so good but they still take me in Pathaan and Jawan for action. #Dunki.”

Amid all of this, one tweet that won the game was Shah Rukh Khan replying to a fan, reminding them of Salman Khan’s birthday. Shah Rukh Khan wrote, “I know and I have wished him. I don’t do it on social media because it’s personal na?? Waise yeh picture bhai ki awesome hai!!” fans still cannot have enough of this tweet. 

Check the tweets below: 

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