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Shah Rukh Khan once asked Kapil Sharma if he takes drugs – here’s what happened next

Kapil Sharma is currently seen in Zwigato.

Shah Rukh Khan once asked Kapil Sharma if he takes drugs – here’s what happened next
Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma

Last Updated: 02.29 AM, Mar 20, 2023


Shah Rukh Khan had once asked Kapil Sharma if he takes drugs. King Khan wanted to talk to the comedian and understand his state of mind. That is when he asked the question to Kapil.

The Zwigato actor spilled the beans to Aaj Tak. He remembered how SRK felt that he took drugs.

Kapil was shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show and would usually back out and refuse shooting if he got late on a particular day. It so happened that he once cancelled Shah Rukh Khan’s episode and met the superstar a few days later.

Kapil met SRK four days after the incident. The superstar had come to the studio for some work, after his shoot got cancelled. He then met Kapil and dedicated an hour to the comedian.

Shah Rukh Khan invited Kapil to his car and they addressed the elephant for one hour. “As an artist, he understood what was happening. He is a superstar, after all, and he has seen everything in this industry,” Kapil said.

After meeting Kapil, SRK felt that he was under the influence of drugs. The comedian instead shared that he no longer feels like working.

The superstar then gave Kapil an hour and counselled him. “This is one of those situations that you can’t improve unless you yourself want to,” Kapil recalled.

Kapil Sharma had made headlines after he mistreated his staff while being drunk. The comedian remembers that he used to drink in order to feel better and confident, which he did not when sober. While not under the influence, reality hit him hard.

Kapil had once cancelled an event after paying lakhs of rupees for it because he could not go through with it. He is now seen in his latest Bollywood film, Zwigato. Directed by Nandita Das, it tells the tale of food delivery executives.

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